İstanbul Konfor Seyahat Bus Ticket

İstanbul Konfor Seyahat

It is possible to travel with an experienced company in its field by purchasing an Istanbul Konfor Travel bus ticket. The company was founded by Mustafa Günaydın in 1970 and has been serving since then. The company made a rapid entry into the transportation sector by transporting personnel in 1970.

About Istanbul Konfor Travel

Istanbul Konfor Travel is a company that steps into road transportation by transporting personnel in Istanbul. During the years it was founded, the company transported the personnel of important companies and factories. The company, which was very successful in personnel transportation and started to make a name for itself, then took various steps to transport passengers between cities. In addition to personnel transportation in Istanbul, the company has started to provide intercity passenger transportation to Bursa and Yalova, which are located close to it. In addition to Bursa and Yalova, the company has started to transport passengers by adding various districts in these provinces to its route.

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·         Address: Fatih, Eski Ankara Asfaltı Cd. No: 40 / 1, 34956 Tuzla/Istanbul

·         Phone: +90 505 999 16 34

·         Website:

Istanbul Konfor Travel Vehicle Features

It is possible to travel from Istanbul to Yalova and Bursa by purchasing an Istanbul Konfor Travel bus ticket. Thanks to the tickets purchased from the company, in addition to Bursa and Yalova, trips can be made to the major districts of these provinces. Istanbul comfortable travel company, which has been in the transportation sector since the 1970s, provides service with more than a thousand buses. These buses are equipped with technological equipment and their average age is between 5 and 6 years old. The company also offers various in-car services to its customers so that their passengers can have a more enjoyable and comfortable time during the journey.

The first in-car service offered by the company to its customers is comfortable and wide-spaced seats. With comfortable and widely spaced seats, passengers will have the chance to sit more comfortably throughout the entire journey. Among the services offered by the company to its passengers is free wi-fi that can be used on buses. Customers who choose this company will have the opportunity to watch TV series or listen to music by using the free wi-fi service throughout the journey.

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Year of foundation:1970
Bus Count:-
Head Office:İstanbul
Founder:Mustafa Günaydın
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