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Kilis is the key city where you can reach in a short time thanks to the bus ticket opportunities, and it is only 10 kilometers away from the Syrian border. The city, which is 55 km away from the city of Gaziantep, has existed since the 1700s BC. The key city, which was considered to be a large and important region for the no state at that time, became important for Byzantium in 639. There are many places and structures that must be visited in the city, which is the cradle of culture and civilizations, so visits to Kilis are very productive. There are many mosques, castles, churches and historical ruins in the city.

The effects of the Mediterranean climate are seen throughout the city, which has strategic features due to its location. While the summer months are quite hot and dry in the city, the winter months are mild. It is possible to visit the city, which consists of old buildings and historical ruins, during all 4 seasons. However, you may still prefer not to plan for January and February in order not to be affected by the cold weather during the winter months. It is also recommended that you spend at least 2 days in the city to explore the city ideally. You can also take a look at Kilis bus ticket deals right away.

Ravanda Castle

The first stop of the list of places to visit in Kilis is always Ravanda Castle. It is known that the castle, located in the Polateli district of the city, is located 24 km northwest of the center. The excavations in the castle, which was built on steep mountain slopes, still continue today. It is known that the castle, which was decided to be from the Hittites with its shape and architectural structure, has been home to many civilizations for years, and it is observed that there have been constant additions and changes in the castle. Today, unfortunately, it is observed that only the interior of the castle has survived. The remains of the outer tours of the castle are located around the castle and can be examined from there. There are also 2 water cisterns in the place where the castle is located. There are now information signs and exit steps in the place, which was taken under protection in 2008 and arranged to play an active role in tourism activities.

Oylum Höyük

Archaeological excavations have been continuing since 1989 in the Oylum Höyük region, which is on the list of places to visit in Kilis. The heights of the mounds, which are about half a kilometer wide, are known as 22 m and 37 m. The mounds, whose history is 5,500 years old, have hosted many civilizations in this way. You can have a pleasant and productive time by choosing to include the mounds, which offer quite interesting views and promise different experiences, into your plans. However, when you decide to visit the mounds, it would be more ideal to choose when the weather is not sunny. In this way, you can see all the mounds and ruins much more easily.

Salih Efendi Street

This street, which perfectly presents both the historical spirit and the cultural texture of the city, is located in the center of the city. The street, which attracts attention with its 2-storey stone buildings and wooden windows, carries the traces of old moments to the present day in the best way. During your visits to the city, you should definitely stop by this street and consider taking excellent walks on the street with stone pavements. You can also take amazing photos here.

Historical Kilis House

The historical mansion, located in the center of the city of Kilis, stands out with its large courtyard and the materials used in its construction. During the construction of this historical mansion, both mudbrick and stone, as well as left stone, which is unique to the region, were used. The view of the mansion is interesting, with large rooms overlooking the courtyard and excellent large windows. Although it is not known exactly when and by whom the mansion was built, the mansion has been restored several times until today. Finally, it was opened to visitors and contributed to the people who visit the city to have an idea about the general structure of the city.

Historical Government House

The historic Government House has an important place among the landmarks of the city and was built in 1924. The mansion, which has a magnificent majestic appearance, served as a courthouse between 1995 and 2013, and then this historical guest, which went through the restoration process, was put into service again in 2015 in accordance with its former state. Although it is not possible to visit the historical mansion inside, it can be visited to examine it from the outside and take lots of souvenir photos. Moreover, you have the opportunity to reach here via Kilis Bus Station.


As it is known, this city has an important place both in terms of its geographical location and historical background. It has a place. For this reason, many places and structures in the city are important both in terms of tourism and in terms of learning history, and the Mevlevihane is also important. It is estimated that the Mevlevihane in Tekye District was built in 1525, according to the inscription on it. You can also consider visiting this place, which was built according to square-shaped architectural features. Moreover, this place now serves as a mosque.

Grand Mosque

Ulu Mosque, which is considered to be the most famous mosque of the city of Kilis, is also known as Cami-i Kebir. This historical value, which is recommended to be seen closely during visits to the city of Kilis, is both the oldest mosque and the largest mosque in the city. The Great Mosque, floating among the old streets of the city, offers a magnificent view. Although it is not known exactly when and by whom the mosque was built, it is said to be in the 11th century according to estimates. Cut stone was used in the construction of the mosque and it is still open for worship today.

Old Bath

This bath, which was built by Emir Kasımoğlu Emir Canbolat in 1562, serves as an interesting business and is therefore visited by many people during their visit to Kilis. The bath, which was built when the great Hakan Sultan Suleiman was the ruler of the region, preserved its structure without undergoing extensive restoration. This building, which continues to serve as a restaurant today, is one of the indispensable points of both city residents and visitors. During your visit to the city of Kilis, you can visit this place and have the opportunity to taste the local delicacies of Kilis offered by the restaurant.

Hisar Camlik Nature Park

Hisar Çamlığı Nature Park is connected to the Hisar Village of Kilis Province. The park, which is both new and designed with every detail in mind, is also preferred as a recreation area. It is known that the difference, which has been hosting its visitors since 2016, is 40 km away from the city center. Local people frequently visit this place during the summer months both to have a picnic and to relax in a place away from the crowds of the city. You can choose this place with peace of mind, as everything you may need has been considered in the national park, which is established on a 160-decare land. You can easily reach the park via Kilis Bus Terminal.

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