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Those who want to buy a Sinop bus ticket can have a different experience in four seasons if they cannot decide on the time. Located on Boztepe Cape, the city offers its visitors a different beauty in every season. It is a very impressive city with its green nature and natural beauties. There are many different places to see historically and culturally. It is one of the oldest cities in Anatolia. It can be quite enough to make the itinerary for two days.

Sinop Historical Prison

Sinop Historical Prison, known as Anatolia's Alkatraz, was primarily used as a castle. When the history of the building is examined, it stretches back four thousand years. It is quite remarkable that the castle is surrounded by walls and the sea. The structure, which is the subject of poems and songs, has been under many different civilizations. The castle was ruled by various rulers such as the Greeks, Pontians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans. The castle's use as a prison dates back to 1568. The inner castle in the building was changed in 1887 to be used as a dungeon. In 1939, an additional building was built and used as a children's prison. Evliya Çelebi's Travel Book contains information about the prison, such as the difficulty of escaping.

Sinop Historical Prison hosted many writers, artists, politicians and poets. The most well-known person among the names; He is Sabahattin Ali. Names such as Burhan Felek and Refik Halit Karay were imprisoned. With the closure of the prison in 1999, it was opened to the public as a museum. The museum consists of 3 separate sections, Sabahattin Ali's ward is located in the last section. It is one of the first places to visit in Sinop. It is a museum that attracts great attention in Sinop.

Sinop Castle

Located in the city center, the castle is located exactly by the sea. It is one of the structures that impress the visitors with its historical and magnificent structure. It is not known exactly when Sinop Castle was built, according to estimates, BC. It was built by immigrants in the 8th century. Sinop Castle suffered a great deal of damage as a result of the attacks it suffered. Pontus ruler IV. It was repaired again by Mithridat. The castle, which was attacked frequently in the past, was constantly repaired during the Byzantine, Roman and Seljuk periods. In order to strengthen the defense, a citadel was added to the castle later on. As one of the historical heritages that are important for Sinop, it is heavily visited by tourists coming to the city.

Sinop Ethnography Museum

Located in an old mansion in the city center of Sinop, the museum is seen as an 18th century mansion. The mansion has three floors and has two different entrances. Aslan Torun, the owner of the mansion, donated the mansion to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 1979. After the restoration works, the mansion started to serve as the Sinop Ethnography Museum. The history and culture of the city are best reflected in the mansion. While rubble stones are seen on the ground floor of the museum, wood and brick are used on the second floor. The rooms have been specially designed to symbolize the traditional life. Various items such as beds, carpets, rugs and cabinets used in the rooms of the mansion are exhibited. Public transport can be used to reach the city center via Sinop Bus Terminal.

Boyabat Castle

Located in Boyabat district in Sinop, the castle is located on very steep rocks. It is one of the most important historical buildings in Sinop. While some of the towers in Boyabat Castle have a rectangular structure, some have a round structure. Thanks to the stairs in the castle, the towers can be reached. Although there are remains from the Roman and Byzantine periods in the castle area, when the structure of the castle is examined, it is thought to be an Ottoman Castle. It is estimated that the foundations of the castle, which was used from the Roman period to the Ottoman period, belong to earlier times. Boyabat Castle is divided into two as new and old. The building, called the old castle, was built by the Paphlagonians. Remains of Byzantine and Roman periods were found on its inner walls. Although the date of construction of the building, which is called the new castle, is unknown, it is thought to remain from the Ottoman period. After the castle visit, it can be visited in the Historical Boyabat Houses.

Balatlar Church

Balatlar Church is also known as Sinope Koimesis Church. It is one of the religious buildings in the city center that can be visited. The purpose of the building built by the Roman Empire; imperial bath. During the Byzantine period, the bath was converted into a church for worship. It was later used as a granary. After the dominance of the region passed to the Ottomans, the building was built by Hz. It was allowed to be used as a monastery where Mary and the Angel Michael were commemorated together. Only the northern and southern walls of the Balatlar Church have survived. Remains of a rectangular planned area of the church and two cross-planned areas are observed. 7th century cemetery and chapel next to the building was built. After 1920, it started to be used as a cemetery besides worship. As a result of the archaeological studies, a thousand tombs and relics belonging to important clergy were found. After purchasing a Sinop bus ticket, information about the historical heritages to be seen in the city can be gathered.

İnaltı Cave

Inaltı Cave, which is the most impressive among the natural formations in Sinop, should be seen during a visit to Sinop. The recently discovered cave has been made suitable for visiting by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The dripstones in the cave and the natural beauties around it attract the attention of visitors. It is possible to see dripstones mostly near the ground. First, the first 300 meters of the cave were opened, now 658 meters have been opened. However, after the first 400 meters of the cave, there is a lot of water and mud.

Hamsilos Bay

Located in the northernmost part of Turkey, the bay is a paradise in nature. The bay, called Hamsaroz Bay by the society, is the only known fjord in Turkey. It is a region formed as a result of glacial erosion. It is considered as a unique region in the world because it is a naturally formed bay. It is located in Hamsilos Nature Park, the park area has been declared as a 1st Degree Natural Protected Area by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Located among green forests, Hamsilos Bay is located in a very peaceful environment. It is one of the locations frequently visited by domestic and foreign tourists. It is a must-visit place for people who are considering coming to Sinop in the summer months. This bay is the most beautiful of the natural areas among the places to visit in Sinop. There are different facilities offering accommodation in the area.

Inceburun Lighthouse

Inceburun Lighthouse, which is among the most important lighthouses of Turkey, is located in Sinop. The lighthouse, located in the northernmost part of the country, is about 19 kilometers from the city center. Inceburun was formed as a result of the combination of tuff and lava. It has a very different structure compared to the flat coasts that are frequently seen in the Black Sea. The lighthouse was built in 1863. The lighthouse has a height of 12 meters and is located 38 meters above the sea. Located in a very windy area, the lighthouse is reached by the big waves of the Black Sea during the winter months. Although it is very active and exciting in the winter months, it is the ideal location to watch the sunrise and sunset from the northernmost tip of the country. Inceburun Lighthouse is one of the must-see places in Sinop to look at the unique Black Sea view and have an unforgettable moment. Inceburun can be added to the route to be followed after Sinop Bus Station.

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