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Türkay Turizm

When purchasing a Türkay Turizm bus ticket, it is possible to choose between 2+2 or 2+1 seat options. It is possible to travel comfortably to many provinces and regions of Turkey with the company, which has been providing road transportation for many years.

About Turkay Turizm

Türkay Turizm is a road transportation company established in Sinop in 2000. Türkay Turizm, which started to serve as a local company, started to organize trips to cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Samsun. The company also provides road transportation to districts such as Çatalzeytin Türkeli Ayancık. The company, which has branches in many parts of Turkey, provides services to maximize customer satisfaction.

Türkay Tourism Company Imprint

·         Title: Türkay Gida İnşaat Turizm San. and Trade Ltd. St.

·         Address: Korucuk Village, Yeni Belediye Bus Terminal D Block No: 13, Sinop

·         Phone: 444 34 57

·         Website: [email protected]  https://www.xn--trkayturizm-thb.com.tr/

Türkay Turizm Vehicle Features

It is possible to travel in 2+1 seats and 2+2 seats by purchasing a Türkay Turizm bus ticket. The company, which has been in service since 2000, has expanded its vehicle fleet and provides services with technological vehicles. All of the company's vehicles have widely spaced seats so that passengers can travel more comfortably. There is also a wireless internet network inside the bus that passengers can use. All of Türkay Turizm's buses have personalized television screens. With these television screens, it is possible to follow satellite broadcasts and listen to music throughout the journey.

Türkay Turizm employs talented and professional people in order to provide a better quality service. In order to increase customer satisfaction to higher levels, many trainings are given to company employees. The company's personnel maximize customer satisfaction with the training they receive and offer solutions to the problems experienced by customers as soon as possible.

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Year of foundation:2000
Bus Count:-
Head Office:Sinop
Founder:Türkay Turizm
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