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With the Sivas bus ticket, you can set off to the Central Anatolia region. Sivas, located on the Silk Road, was a very important city in Mesopotamian times. Sivas is a city where the King's Road also passes. It is also known as the second largest city with the largest surface area in Turkey. The city, which has an important place with its geographical location, has a very rich history.

The city, which has become popular with its hot springs, offers various holiday opportunities. Due to the fact that it is an important city for Anatolia, historical places can be visited frequently in Sivas. It is very rich in terms of artifacts belonging to the Seljuk period. It may be sufficient to leave about 2 days for the Sivas trip. After a cultural tour, you can have a peaceful holiday among the natural beauties.

Divrigi Great Mosque

Divriği Great Mosque was built during the period of Mengücek Principality in the Seljuk State. Divriği Great Mosque, which was included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO, is a very important structure for Sivas. The mosque and Hospital built by Ahlatlı Hürrem Shah, son of Mughis, were completed in about 15 years. For the mosque, which has an important place in the history of art, definitions such as the miracle of Divrigi or the Alhambra of Anatolia are used. The stonework in the building is quite impressive. The stonework seen on the columns and doors was made by craftsmen from Tbilisi and Ahlat. It is not found again in any of the processes on the stones. Each one is prepared separately.

Sivas Hospital

The hospital was built in 1217 by the Seljuk sultan Izzeddin Keykavus I. Şifaiye Madrasa was used as a madrasah during the Ottoman Period. It is of great importance that the madrasah has reached so far. It is known as the oldest preserved hospital in the world. As a hospital belonging to the Seljuk period, it is quite large. The building is located in an area of 3400 square meters. The madrasa, which has an important architectural success, is among the Anatolian Seljuk works. The inscriptions, reliefs, decorations and brickwork inside the building are considered among the innovations of the period. It is one of the historical buildings among the places to visit in Sivas.

The Double Minaret Madrasah

Double Minaret Madrasa, one of the important historical buildings in Sivas, was built in 1271. The madrasah, built by Şemseddin Juveyni, draws attention with its two minarets. The bricks and tiles used in the minarets are effective in attracting attention. Merese has been badly damaged until today and a large part of it has been destroyed. The surviving parts of the madrasa, which has the highest crown gate in Anatolia; It is the section where the crown gate and two minarets are located. The minarets, which have become the symbols of the city, are located opposite the Şifaiye Madrasa. The madrasa, which was built for the purpose of a monument, was called Darü'l-hadith in the past. There are geometry and plant decorations in the building. Seljuk architecture can be seen quite clearly in the decorated stone door. It is one of the madrasahs that can be visited.


The inn, which has an open courtyard and two floors, was built in the 19th century. It has three separate entrances to the east, north and south. Stone flooring was used on the floor of the courtyard. There is a tile and hipped roof outside Taşhan. The shops on the lower floor were used sequentially. The shops on the north side have both exterior and courtyard-facing surfaces. Taşhan, which is still in service today, is one of the places visited by people visiting Sivas. The cafes on the upper floor of Taşhan offer different options to take a break and sit in the history. Public transportation vehicles can be used to reach the city center via Sivas Bus Terminal. Thanks to public transportation services in the city, many different locations can be easily reached.

Sivas Congress Building Atatürk and Ethnography Museum

The building, which is used as an ethnography museum, is known as the National Struggle Headquarters used by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the Representative Committee. It is one of the locations that has a very important place for the country. Due to its importance, some of it is used as a museum and some as a congress building. The building, which is considered as one of the examples of civil architecture of the Late Ottoman Period, has a rectangular plan. Wood was used inside the building and stone was used outside. The building, which served as Congress High School, ended its duty in 1980. Ethnographic works are exhibited on the ground floor of the building. On the first floor; There are various documents related to Atatürk and Sivas Congress. The building, which has successfully preserved its structure since the date of Sivas Congress, has an important place for Sivas culture and history. Having information about the important places to see in the city after buying a Sivas bus ticket provides a more efficient route.

Sivas Curve Bridge

It is one of the places that everyone who comes to visit Sivas must visit. Located in the south of the city, the bridge is located on the Kızılırmak River. During the Seljuk period, It was built in the 12th century. The length of the Eğri Bridge is 180 meters and its height is 5 meters. It has a structure that rises from the bridge end to the middle. The highest part of the bridge turns left at an angle of 130 degrees. Since the bridge does not progress on the same line; It was named Eğri Bridge. The bridge, which is of great importance between Sivas and Karayün, maintains its existence for approximately 800 years. Located on the majestic Kızılırmak, the bridge has not undergone any restoration work until today. It is quite enjoyable to watch the view over the bridge. It is one of the places to visit in Sivas for unique photo frames.

Kangal Balikli Spa

Located in Sivas, Kangal district, Balıklı Thermal Spring is very popular throughout Turkey. The therapeutic feature of the spa makes it famous around the world. The spa, which is good for various diseases and ailments, is especially good for psoriasis. The temperature of the water is about 37 degrees, the fish in the water will heal the problem on the skin. It is thought to be good for various skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and inflamed acne. Apart from the fish, the hot spring water is very rich in minerals. It contains various minerals such as selenium, calcium, bicarbonate and magnesium. People often come here for the treatment of diseases such as nervous diseases, rheumatism, dislocations, fractures and calcifications. In the spa located in the valley; It has two indoor and two outdoor pools and a swimming pool. It is one of the natural environments among the places to visit in Sivas.

Tödürge Lake

It is one of the ideal locations to spend time in nature and find peace in Sivas. It is possible to tour with boats in Tödürge Lake. There is a recreational facility in the area for visitors. There are also diving activities in the lake. Tödürge Lake, the largest lake in Sivas, has a surface area of approximately 5 square kilometers. There are two islands in the lake, the spring at the bottom of the lake and the surrounding waters feed the lake.

The richness of water resources allows various fish species to live in the water. The region where the lake is located is also home to various bird species. Tödürge Lake, which has a great diversity of living things, is a place that can be preferred for different activities. After Sivas Bus Station, places in nature can be included among the places to visit. Although Sivas is one of the cities that stand out with its history and culture, there are various locations in the surrounding districts. Different locations can be preferred to spend a pleasant time.

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