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Öz Sivas Seyahat

By purchasing an Öz Sivas Seyahat bus ticket, it is possible to travel with a company that has been involved in road transportation for many years. The company was established in Sivas in 1952 and started to improve itself in road transportation since then. It is possible to travel to many provinces and districts of Turkey with Öz Sivas Travel.

About Öz Sivas Travel

Öz Sivas Seyahat was founded by Halil Doğan in 1952. Although the company operated as a local road transportation company in its early years, its transportation network was expanded over time. The company organizes flights to many cities such as Kayseri, Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. In addition to the provinces, Öz Sivas Travel also organizes flights to districts such as Şarkışla and Adapazarı. As a mission, the company aims to be a leading company in road transportation and to increase customer satisfaction to higher levels. In order to increase customer satisfaction, employees have been selected among professional and friendly people.

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·         Address: Yeni Bus Terminal No:16 Sivas/Türkiye

·         Phone: 444 58 38

·         Website: [email protected]

Öz Sivas Travel Vehicle Features

It is possible to travel to many cities of Turkey by purchasing an Öz Sivas Seyahat bus ticket. The company provides service with nearly forty buses in its fleet. Buses are equipped with TV screens and reading lamps to ensure customer satisfaction. TV screens are designed for customers who want to watch TV series or movies, and headphones are also distributed by the company. While the company includes TV screens for its customers to have a pleasant time, it also equips its vehicles with wide seat spacing so that it can travel more comfortably.

All of the company's vehicles have wide seat spacing and are designed for passengers to travel more safely. All vehicles operating under Öz Sivas Travel also have free internet service that can be used throughout the journey. Sockets and USB ports are also available to customers at every seat.

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Year of foundation:1952
Bus Count:-
Head Office:Sivas
Founder:Halil Doğan
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