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Before buying a Tokat bus ticket, it is necessary to have information about the city. Although Tokat is located in the Black Sea region due to its geography, some of its districts are located in the Anatolian region. The Black Sea climate is seen in the region where the city is located. Tokat, which has a rich history; It was founded by Toygarcılar under the names Komana, Sobaro and Kacun. Hittites, Assyrians, Cimmerians, Persians and Macedonians are the civilizations that lived in the region. It is one of the cities with the most tombs in Turkey. Yeşilırmak, one of the most important rivers of the country, passes through the city. The city, which has hosted many civilizations, is among the first settlements of man in history. It has many touristic locations as well as historical heritages.

Places to Visit in Tokat

The city, which is located in the valley or matches, is a place that has the Black Sea climate as well as the Central Anatolian climate. While the months of June, July and August are quite hot, cold weather prevails in December, January and February. Summer months are more suitable for touristic visits. While it was known as Komano in the ancient Byzantine period, it started to be called Dokat when it was ruled by the Arabs. Renamed by various civilizations over time, the city was last named Tokat during the Ottoman period. The city stands out with its historical richness as it has hosted many civilizations. There are many locations that impress people with their natural beauties.

Sulusaray Ancient City

Sulusaray Ancient City is located in Sulusaray district of Tokat province. The Ancient City is a cultural heritage belonging to the Roman period, it is among the places to visit in Tokat. The epitaph of the city was placed in the center of the city by the people and prominent people of the city. The Ancient City, which was also visited by Prince Charles, is now open to visitors as an open-air museum. It is one of the locations that attract the attention of domestic and foreign tourists in Tokat. Although the establishment of the city is not known exactly, in some sources where the ancient city of Sulusaray is located, it is BC. It is thought to have been founded in the 1st century. It is thought to be one of the largest five cities in the Black Sea. In the time of the Roman emperor Trajan, Pontus was divided into the provinces of Galatius and Polemoniacus. The city, which is included in the province of Cappadocia, has an important place with its basic resources about 2000 years ago.

Goose Lake

Kaz Lake, located in Pazar district, is home to many bird species. The lake, which is called a bird paradise in Tokat, attracts the attention of visitors. Thanks to the watchtower built for visitors to Kaz Lake, the lake and its surroundings can be easily observed. Kaz Lake, which is one of the first places among the natural beauties of the city, is seasonally located on the path of migratory birds. Since it is located on the migration route, it is a wetland that offers accommodation for bird species. Especially between May and March, birds spend their incubation period in this area. Towards the end of April and the middle of May, the fry begin to hatch from their eggs. By the end of June, the baby birds are ready to fly. Migration begins in early July and continues in the following processes. During the winter months, the birds wait in this lake for the weather to warm up. It is one of the most beautiful locations to visit in Tokat. It is a region that attracts great attention when migratory birds arrive. You can reach the town of Pazar via Tokat Bus Terminal services.

Sulu Sokak Bazaar

Sulu Sokak, the oldest settlement of Tokat, has historical artifacts at many points. Ali Pasha Mosque, Sultan Bath, Takyeciler Mosque, Dense Tooth Pit, Grand Mosque, Pasha Bath and Tokat Museum are located here. Since all of the historical buildings, which are very important for the city, are in this location, local and foreign tourists who come to visit definitely stop by here. It is possible to see many places at the same time while visiting Sulu Sokak. Sulu Sokak is united with Halit Sokak as the old city center of the city. Traces of all civilizations established in Tokat can be found here. The location called Sulu Sokak Bazaar is one of the most important issues that sheds light on the history of the city. Since it is located in the center of the city, transportation is very easy. Since it is located close to the Tokat Governorate, it can be reached by public transport in the city.

Cave Ballica

Ballica Cave was formed in a period of approximately 3.5 million years. It is a place called the eighth wonder of the world. Located in Ballica Village, the cave is one of the unique formations in the country. The stalagmites and stalactites found in the cave are unique in Turkey. Guests who come to visit the city should definitely stop by the Ballıca Cave. The cave is located on the slope of the Indere Valley at an altitude of approximately 1180 meters. As a result of the collapses in the cave, great halls and passages connecting the halls were formed. In order to reach the halls, it is necessary to have knowledge about caving. There are quite interesting structures inside the cave. Large columns range from 30 centimeters to 7 meters. There are onion formations of n dimensions, travertines and columns over 10 meters long. There are many bats inside the cave, one of the halls found is called the Bat Hall. People who want to visit one of the natural beauties in Tokat can give Ballıca Cave a chance. Tokat is a location that should be added to the places to be visited after buying a bus ticket.

Mahperi Hatun Caravanserai

Located in Pazar district, the caravanserai was built by Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat for his mother Mahperi Hatun. It is located on the Sivas, Tokat and Samsun branches of the historical Silk Road. It is an area that has been opened for meetings, various events and visitors by making various restorations recently. With the warming of the weather and the arrival of the summer months, it becomes a place where visitors show great interest. The caravanserai is divided into two parts as winter and summer. The building, which has a rectangular plan, was built of cut stone. Mahperi Hatun Caravanserai contains a lot of information about its construction in the inscription. The entrance door is quite spectacular, it is located in a pointed arched niche. The round arched door is built of two different colored stones. When the structure is examined in general, it bears the traces of Anatolian Seljuk architecture. Although its superstructure has been destroyed to date, the portal and its outer walls have been well preserved. Since it is one of the historical subjects in the city, it is among the places frequented by visitors.

Zira Castle

Zira Castle, which is one of the first places to visit in Tokat, has a very important place in history. Won the war in 48 BC Julius Caesar said that I came, I saw, I conquered after he conquered the Citadel of Zira. On the columns inside the castle are written veni, vidi, vici in Latin. Located in the Zile district of the city, the castle was built in Antiquity. The castle has the feature of an acropolis built on the mound. The Roman castle in the city attracts visitors with its historical structure. Since it is located in the very center of the district it is in, it allows you to see every point of the city. It is possible to see the clock tower and various ruins inside the castle. The water cistern in the castle was repaired, restored and opened to visitors by the municipality. There is a theater carved from the Roman period on the rocks to the northeast of the building. In addition to being one of the most important historical buildings in the city, it is a very interesting castle with its unique view.

Sulusaray Thermal Springs

Many Anatolian cities have hot springs. Tokat is one of the cities with healing waters. Sulusaray thermal springs, which attract the attention of visitors especially in winter, attract great attention. Ilıca village, located in Sulusaray district, is the point where the hot springs are located. It is thought that the hot spring waters are good for many various bone, muscle and skin diseases. In addition to the healing waters, the spa located among the historical Nicepolis Ruins is one of the must-visit locations. You can reach Sulusaray district via Tokat Bus Terminal.

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