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Tosya Seyahat

It is possible to travel with an experienced company by purchasing a Tosya Seyahat bus ticket. The company was founded in the 1950s and is one of the most experienced companies in road transportation. In the first years of its establishment, the company only carried out transportation between Kastamonu and Istanbul. The company's transportation network has expanded over time, allowing trips to different provinces and districts to be organized.

About Tosya Travel

Tosya Seyahat started to provide services under the name of Tosya Doğan Turizm. The company was named Tosya Seyahat in 1963 under the leadership of Cevat Eracar and Cihat Yeşil. With the change of the company's name, new cities were added to the travel cities. As of 1963, flights to Ankara started to be organized. In 1983, the company turned into a limited company and entered a rapid development process. Bolu, Kocaeli and Sakarya have been added to the cities you can travel to.

Tosya Travel Company Imprint

Address: Municipality Bus Terminal Tosya/Kastamonu/Türkiye

·         Phone: 0366 313 12 47 - 0366 313 37 32

·         Website: [email protected]

Tosya Travel Vehicle Features

You can go on a pleasant and comfortable journey by purchasing a Tosya Seyahat bus ticket. The company provides service with widely spaced seats so that its passengers can have a pleasant and comfortable time. The company has 10 buses in its fleet and the buses are highly technological vehicles. General TV broadcasts and general music broadcasts are made on the buses operating within the company. Thanks to these publications, it is aimed for passengers to have a pleasant and bored-free journey. In addition to general TV broadcasts, there are also personalized TV screens at each seat.

Travels have been made more entertaining with the movies and music on these TV screens. Personal headphones are also included in the vehicles so that passengers can watch movies and listen to music. All vehicles operating within the company also have unlimited internet service and reading lamps. To access the services offered by the company, you can visit the company's website or branches.

Tosya Seyahat Tag
Year of foundation:1950
Bus Count:10
Head Office:Kastamonu
Founder:Cevat Eracar ve Cihat Yeşil
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