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Is it possible to fly to many destinations in the world with an Air Astana flight ticket? Air Astana is based in Kazakhstan and is listed among the official airlines of the country. Founded in 2001, this company made its first flight in 2002. With the plane tickets purchased from the company, it is possible to enjoy domestic and international flights.

About Air Astana

By purchasing an Air Astana flight ticket, it is possible to participate in the flights organized by the company. Established in 2001 and made its first flight in 2002, this company provides service at Almaty and Nur Sultan airports in Kazakhstan. The company has 36 passenger planes in its fleet and the average age of these planes is 8 years. Every year, the company increases both the number of aircraft and the number of destinations it flies to. Thanks to the planes it owns, the company has enabled more than 4 million people to travel on domestic and international routes annually.

What are the points that can be visited in domestic and international flights with the plane tickets bought from the company?

By purchasing an Air Astana flight ticket, it is possible to fly to cities such as Öskemen, Kızılorda, Aktobe and Shymkent on domestic lines. In addition, with the plane tickets purchased from the company, you can fly to cities such as Seoul, Bangkok, Phuket and Batumi on international lines.

At which airport in Turkey are flights operated by the company?

Air Astana company performs landings and departures from Istanbul Airport in Turkey. It is possible to fly directly or indirectly to many destinations in the world with flights based in Istanbul. In addition to Istanbul Airport, the company operates direct flights from Antalya Airport to Nur sultan during the summer season.

How to Perform Check-In Procedures?

In order to perform check-in procedures, you can visit the company's website or do this at the airports. People who want to check-in at the airport, if they are going to fly to domestic lines, if they are going to travel on international lines 2 hours before the flight, they should do this 3 hours before the flight. In addition to the check-in procedures that can be carried out at the airport, it is also possible to perform online check-in procedures. People who want to perform online check-in transactions are recommended to visit the company's website. It is possible to perform online check-in transactions on the company's website in a short time and you do not have to pay any fees during these transactions.

How to Choose a Seat?

The seat selections of the plane tickets purchased from the company must be made. In order to make seat selections, the company's website must be visited. Passengers can make their seat selection free of charge after the online check-in process they have made on the companies' website. Passengers have the right to choose all seats in the aircraft free of charge. There is no restriction by the company that the seats next to the special administration or emergency exit doors cannot be selected. Passengers can easily reach their planes at the airport by printing their boarding cards after choosing their seats online.

What are the Treats Offered to Passengers and Is There an In-flight Entertainment Service?

Persons who purchase Air Astana flight tickets can benefit from the rights offered by the company. The company offers some treats so that its customers can travel more pleasantly and comfortably during their journey. During the journey, all passengers are provided with free food and beverage service. The company menu includes local flavors from many regions from Central Asia to Europe. Passengers have the right to taste the foods in the menu free of charge.

In addition, seasonal fruits are offered free of charge by the company during the journey. It is possible to consume alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages both free of charge and unlimitedly, regardless of the ticket class, on the plane tickets purchased from the company. The company also serves many types of coffee free of charge to passengers on long flights. The company also provides services to passengers so that they can spend more enjoyable time in the cabin. With the entertainment system on the planes, it is possible for the passengers to watch movies or TV series in a pleasant way. In addition, passengers can play many games in a pleasant way through the special screens offered by the company.

About Air Astana
Head Office:Kazakhstan
Year of foundation:2001
Airplane Count:36
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