Esenboğa Airport Flight Ticket

Esenboğa Airport

Flights Arriving To Esenboğa
Istanbul - Ankara
June 20, 2024
3321.4300000000003starting from
Istanbul - Ankara
June 20, 2024
3325.91starting from
Adana - Ankara
June 30, 2024
1161.0starting from

Thanks to the Esenboğa Airport flight ticket deals, you can travel to many different destinations you request. Located in Ankara, Esenboğa Airport has a very popular place because it is located in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. Esenboğa Airport, which serves as an international airport and is located within the borders of Akyurt and Çubuk districts, approximately 28 km north of the city center, has been serving since 1955. It is possible to say that Esenboğa Airport, which was built by the State Airports Authority and operated by TAV Airports, has an important place for Turkey as it is the first airport that combines domestic and international conditions.

About Esenboğa Airport

Esenboğa Airport, known as the country's fourth largest airport in terms of passenger traffic and selected as the best airport in 2009, serves with 2 different terminals, domestic and international. In addition, there is a cargo terminal in Esenboğa Airport and many companies provide cargo services through Esenboğa Airport.

Esenboga Airport Transportation

Many people who buy a flight ticket to Esenboğa Airport are wondering how to reach this airport. There are public transportation vehicles you can choose to reach Esenboğa Airport. You can choose ego buses numbered 442 or maybe you can choose the vehicles that are called and provide private transportation to the airport. 

Visitors who do not prefer both options or with their personal vehicles can easily reach Esenboğa airport. Taxis reserved for the use of domestic and international passengers arriving or departing continue to serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Is There a Private Transportation Vehicle to Esenboğa Airport?

It is possible to reach Esenboğa airport by private transportation vehicles called HAVAŞ or BELKO. 

Is There Parking At Esenboğa Airport?

If you are traveling to Esenboğa Airport with your own vehicle, there is a parking lot within the airport that you can choose. Esenboğa Airport car park, which is a very large car park, provides great comfort to guests arriving with their personal vehicles. 

Is There a Currency Exchange Office at Esenboğa Airport?

An exchange office, which can be used by incoming foreign tourists or domestic tourists who will use international lines, is located in Esenboğa Airport and continues to serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How many hours before the flight should I arrive at the airport?

It would not be wrong to state that you should be at the airport at least an hour before, if you consider the various procedures of the flights departing from Esenboğa Airport. 

How to Reach Lost Items at Esenboğa Airport?

Lost and found items at Esenboğa Airport are handled by the lost property office created by the airport. You can also request a research to be done by applying to the relevant places for your registration items.

Are there any catering establishments at Esenboğa Airport?

Esenboğa Airport, which is a very large airport and hosts thousands of guests every day, has many different establishments where you can dine or spend time with a drink. 

Is Esenboğa Airport Always Open?

The airport is open as long as flights continue at Esenboğa airport. 

Is it possible to enter Esenboğa Airport without an ID?

Even if the security guards do not present any identification from you at the entrance to Esenboğa Airport, an ID is absolutely required during boarding or aircraft purchase transactions. 

Is smoking allowed at Esenboğa Airport?

Smoking is prohibited at the airports. 

How to Buy a Flight Ticket to Esenboğa Airport?

In order to buy Esenboğa Airport flight tickets, you can ask for help from the sales representatives in the airport or you can choose from the offices where sales are made over the internet.

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