Gaziantep Oğuzeli Airport Flight Ticket

Gaziantep Oğuzeli Airport

You can travel to many cities you want by purchasing a Gaziantep airport flight ticket. You can enjoy more advantageous travel by following campaigns regarding flight tickets. Gaziantep Airport, also known as Gaziantep Oğuzeli Airport, is located in Oğuzeli district. The airport, which was opened in 1976, organizes flights to many domestic and international destinations.

About Gaziantep Airport

Gaziantep airport started to serve in 1976. Gaziantep Airport, which started to organize international flights since 1993, was closed in 1998 due to renovation works. The airport, which was reopened in 2006 after 8 years, started to organize flights to domestic and international lines again. The airport, operated by the state airports management, serves 4 million passengers annually. The airport, which started operating with a new terminal building in 2021, aims to have 6 million passengers travel through the airport annually. Gaziantep Airport, served by Turkish Airlines, Anadolu Jet, Pegasus Airlines and many other airline companies, operates flights to many destinations in the country and abroad.

Gaziantep Airport, which organizes flights to domestic and international lines, serves on an area of 22,790 m². The airport, which has a waiting room, baby care room and cafes in the domestic flights terminal, has areas where passengers can have a pleasant time while waiting for their planes. The airport, which provides service with a waiting room, bar and 2 health centers in the international terminal, is designed to meet all the needs of passengers.

Gaziantep Airport Transportation

Gaziantep Airport is located 24 km away from the city center. The airport, which hosts hundreds of passengers every day and is a little far from the city, aims to transport its passengers to the airport with different transportation methods.

Havaş buses and municipal buses are the most preferred means of transportation to reach Gaziantep Airport. In addition to buses, taxis and rental cars are also among the preferred means of transportation. The airport, which you can reach in half an hour by bus, is located in a location that you can reach in less time by taxi and rental cars.

Is it possible to reach Gaziantep Airport by Private Vehicles?

It is possible to reach Gaziantep Airport by private vehicles.

Is Parking Service Offered at Gaziantep Airport?

Parking is of great importance for passengers who want to come to Gaziantep Airport with their private vehicles. For people coming to the airport with their private vehicles, there is a parking lot for 400 vehicles at the airport.

Are There ATMs of Different Banks at Gaziantep Airport?

There are ATMs of different banks for the use of passengers at Gaziantep Airport. It is possible to withdraw and deposit money from these ATMs.

How long does it take to travel from the city center to the airport?

The airport is located half an hour away from the city center.

Are There Centers Providing Health Services at Gaziantep Airport?

There are 2 different health centers for the use of passengers at Gaziantep Airport.

Are There Any Establishments for Eating at Gaziantep Airport?

There are different cafes and buffets within Gaziantep Airport to meet the food and beverage needs of passengers.

Are There Any Hotels Near Gaziantep Airport?

There are many hotels close to Gaziantep Airport where passengers can stay.

Are there companies to rent a car near Gaziantep Airport?

More than one car rental company provides service for passengers who want to rent a car near the airport.

Are There International Flights at Gaziantep Airport?

Gaziantep Airport organizes flights to many destinations on domestic and international lines.

What Should You Do to Travel at Gaziantep Airport?

To buy Gaziantep Airport flight tickets, you can buy flight tickets via websites. You can also fly to both domestic and international lines by purchasing flight tickets from ticket sales points.

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