Confidential information may be considered any information or data reported by Lomio in writing, on the web, or in hard copy, or any identified or unidentified information currently in use or that may be invented in the future. CUSTOMER or this customer may have access to Lomioun with or without their knowledge and/or express consent. Therefore, confidential information will be accepted as follows and will include, but is not limited to: databases and prototypes created from documents provided, proprietary management software, computer system passwords, information about users, telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail offices, agents, addresses, addresses of departments and headquarters, computer programs, copies, routines, resources, functional and organizational analysis, know-how, formulas, processes, ideas, inventions (patentable or not), financial data and development plans, strategies, any possible the content of an offer and other supporting documents, data or materials on Lomio's or on the CUSTOMER accessible website. Under no circumstances can the following be considered confidential information:

Any information contained in a public bibliography or that may become publicly available information, unless it has become publicly available due to a breach of agreement by one of the parties.
Any information or technical information provided by third parties. • Where disclosure is required by law.
Disclosure of any information at the request of the Courts or Courts
Economic data or other types of information that must be submitted to the government, local or autonomous authorities due to tax or labor requirements and administrative contracts.

NON-DISCOVERING: It is strictly forbidden to fully or partially disclose to third parties or companies any confidential information that the CUSTOMER can access through the contract and the performance of his services.

CUSTOMER warrants that its employees, customers, suppliers, subcontractors and all other parties related to the contracts between Lomio and CUSTOMER fulfill the confidentiality commitments contained in this document. Necessary measures should be taken to fulfill the said confidentiality commitment and the CUSTOMER will be responsible for any claim or damage arising from failure to fulfill this obligation. The CUSTOMER undertakes to fulfill these confidentiality commitments from the date of signing of this contract and to continue to do so regardless of whether the relationship between the parties is in effect or not. If CUSTOMER or any of its employees, agents, suppliers or representatives consider any invention, innovation, discovery, computer program, process, technique or similar as a result of observing or gaining access to Confidential Information, CUSTOMER agrees to transfer them. or assigning said invention, innovation, discovery, computer program, technique or similar to Lomio.

VIOLATION OF PRIVACY VIOLATIONS: Except for the obligation to compensate for certain losses or damages incurred as a result of the breach of confidentiality obligations specified by the CUSTOMER and those specified in the personal data protection clause, the latter and the amount of this will be determined later.

ACCESS TO PERSONAL DATA: If Lomio needs access to personal data that is strictly necessary to provide services requested by the end consumer, Lomio and CUSTOMER will ensure that this is legally possible in accordance with European Directives 95/46, 2002/58 and/or develops, adds and/or appropriate any legislation that replaces them (hereinafter referred to as PDPR - personal data protection regulation). CUSTOMER warrants that it has all necessary permissions and authorizations from the data subject to transfer such personal data to Lomio and authorizes Lomio to proceed with all subsequent data transfers to complete the request and reservation of travel services.

In addition to the personal information that Lomio may collect from the service provider, it will be understood that the personal data that the CUSTOMER may disclose to Lomio in the use of this system are obtained, processed and transmitted by strictly observing and in full compliance. With the requirements set by the PDPR. CUSTOMER undertakes to provide and, if necessary, update accurate data to give a true picture of the current state of the final consumer. In the fulfillment of what is stated in the PDPR, the CUSTOMER and Lomio undertake to observe the professional secrecy regarding such data and to ensure that the personnel performing the services comply with the above-mentioned obligation, even when their relationship is terminated. Lomio and CUSTOMER adopt technical and operational security measures, technology, state of the art, which guarantee the security of personal data and prevent its alteration, loss, misuse and / or unauthorized access.