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Seç Turizm, based in Gaziantep, has created routes to different cities of Turkey. Passengers can benefit from this company to provide transportation to different provinces and districts. The company, which has been in the sector for a long time, has gained the necessary experience and provides the best service to its customers. Since it is in a very distinguished location in its region, the largest customer portfolio is found in this region during the year.

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Select by buying a bus ticket; It can travel in the Mediterranean, Marmara and Central Anatolia regions. There are frequent flights to Istanbul. Customers who want to go to one of these regions over the internet can buy tickets. It is possible to go on a safe journey by completing the ticket purchase process as soon as possible. It is possible to choose from the seating arrangements planned as 2+2 or 2+1 according to the needs.

About Seç Turizm

It is one of the leading companies in road passenger transportation. According to the information about Seç Turizm, it was established in Gaziantep. Following international standards, the company always offers high-level service to its passengers. It has pioneered other companies in many areas in the market it has been in for 50 years.

Company Tag

Seç Turizm was founded on March 5, 1972 by M. Saip Konukoğlu in line with the information contained in the company's tagline. Seç Turizm, a travel company, also has a baklava company with the same name. It provides services as a family business inherited from father to son. The firm also established its own travel agency in 2000.

Vehicle Features

The vehicle features in its fleet allow passengers to travel in comfortable conditions. The fleet, which has approximately 57 vehicles, has the necessary equipment. Technological services offered in the travel industry have been applied to its vehicles by Seç Turizm. You can follow the television broadcasts on the sofa screens, and also benefit from the wireless internet. Customer satisfaction is always given importance for comfortable journeys.

Google Rating: 4/5

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