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You can take the first step for a pleasant journey by buying an Yazar Tur bus ticket. You can have a safe journey with this company, which has been involved in road transportation for many years. 

About Yazar Tur

Yazar Tur started intercity road transport in 1950. The company, which organized the first flights between Giresun and Gaziantep, became a corporate company in 1995. This company, which became a corporate in 1995, became the first bus company to serve around Iskenderun. This company, which has been involved in road transportation for many years, serves its customers with its experienced personnel. Although it has been serving for many years, the company does not compromise on quality and tries to follow innovations.

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Yazar Tur bus company is a company that has been in the sector since 1950. This company, which became official in 1995, has reached the position of a leading company in its field. Yazar Tur I. It was founded by Mahmut Öksüzoğlu. Within the body of the company, flights are organized to points such as Gaziantep, Iskenderun, Payas, Dörtyol Arrsız and Erzin. This company, which is a pioneer in road transportation, has adopted the mission of ensuring customer satisfaction and confidence in its customers.

Vehicle Features

By purchasing an Yazar Tur bus ticket, you can enjoy traveling with widely spaced seats. There are 14 buses within the company of Yazar Tur. If this bus is your age, the average is 5. Although the company has been in the transportation sector for half a century, it provides services with the latest technology vehicles. When the buses within the company are examined, the wide-spaced seats draw attention. General TV and music broadcasts are made in the bus. With this music broadcast, it is aimed that the passengers experience a more enjoyable journey. There are USB ports on the buses of the company. There are also sockets in each seat. By using these sockets, customers have the opportunity to charge their devices such as televisions or computers.

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Year of foundation:1950
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220 Volt Priz
Koltuk Ekranı (10 inç)