Countries of the World You Can Visit Without a Visa

Jan. 5, 2023
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Many countries of the world either do not want a visa or consider the visa obtained from the border gate sufficient. If you want to travel the world but are stuck with the visa (entry permit) barrier, you should look at the list of countries in the world where you can travel without a visa.


The best time to go to Macedonia, which is one of the countries where you can often come across Turkish-speaking people, is between June and October. Stone Bridge, which connects the two banks of the Vardar River, Macedonia Square, which resembles Taksim Square, and the Historical Skopje Castle, which is the symbol of the capital Skopje, are places that must be visited and seen.


Having declared its independence in 2008, Kosovo is a European Union country recognized by 116 countries. It should be preferred to travel between May and September when the weather is milder. Hünkar Mosque, also known as Fatih Mosque, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, which was restored in 2004, Skanderbeg Square and Statue in the capital Pristina, and St. Teresa Boulevard, the entertainment center of the local people, should definitely be added to the travel notes.


The best months to go to an Albanian-speaking country are; April, May and September. There are many historical places to visit in the city of Tirana, which was founded during the Ottoman Empire. Located close to historical places to visit, Skender Bey Square, Albania's largest museum, the National History Museum, Ethem Bey Mosque built in the 18th century, and the Bunker, Albania's underground bunkers, are always open if you're interested.


English is also widely used in Serbian-speaking Serbia. The time between April and October is the best time to visit, as the winter months are quite cold. Kalemegdan, whose history dates back to BC, Knez Mihailova Street, which was launched as Belgrade's Istiklal Street, Nicola Tesla Museum where you can see the demos of the inventions of the world-known Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla should definitely be added to the list of places to visit.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is very hot in summer, is very cold in winter. For this reason, it is more suitable to go in the spring or autumn. Besides Bosnian, English is also common in the country. A few days should be spared to breathe the air that is synthesized with east-west cultures of Sarajevo, which is both the cultural and official capital. Mostar Bridge, the pearl of Mostar in the Herzegovina Region, draws attention with its standing for centuries.


Although there is no direct flight from Turkey to the Bahamas, it is one of the most preferred international destinations. It is possible to stay visa-free for up to eight months in the Bahamas, located in North America. While the average temperature is 21 degrees in winter, it rises up to 27 degrees in summer. The amateur dance groups and choir theater reflecting the culture of the local people are worth seeing.


Ordinary passport holders can enter the Philippines, located in the west of the Pacific Ocean, without a visa for 30 days. Summer months should be preferred to go to the Philippines, which has three seasons. English is widely used. The most well-known festivals of the Philippines, fed by American and Spanish cultures, are Moriones and Sinulog, where music and dance come to the fore.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong's population is quite crowded, with passports valid for 6 months and 90 days visa-free entry. It is one of the world's leading financial centers and commercial ports as it is a free trade zone. Spring or autumn months should be preferred to go to Hong Kong. Samples from the world-famous Hong Kong Cuisine should definitely be experienced.


Jamaica, a Caribbean country, is located south of Cuba. The country, which was ruled by the United Kingdom for centuries, gained its independence in 1962. Jamaican Patoi is also spoken in Jamaica, which has a tropical climate and the official language is English. The country that has made significant contributions to the world's music culture; It is the homeland of reggae, ska, mento, ragga, rocksteady, dub and dancehall.

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