How Should The Photo Be For Visa Procedures?

Aug. 28, 2023
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A visa is the name given to the permission required to visit a country abroad. While obtaining a visa, people have to collect some documents. Among the points to be considered while obtaining a visa is the visa photo. Visa photo may have different dimensions and features depending on the rules determined by the country where the visa is requested. People who want to have a visa photograph taken should first learn about the standards set by the country they want to go to. It is possible to prevent problems that may occur during visa application by having photographs taken in accordance with the visa photo standards determined by the country they want to visit.

What should be the dimensions of the visa photo?

Visa photo size varies according to the country to be visited. The country where you want to obtain a visa will not approve your visa if you do not have visa photographs in accordance with the standards it has determined. For this reason, before applying for a visa, you need to learn the visa photo dimensions determined by the country you want to go to. The biometric photo used in visas is generally determined as 5 cm by 5 cm. However, biometric photographs with dimensions of 3.5 cm × 4.5 cm can be requested. People who want to get a visa should go to have a report photo taken after learning the visa photo size determined by the country they want to go to.

How Should the Photo Dimensions Be for the US Visa?

Since the visa photo size varies according to the country to be visited, people who want to visit America should learn the photo sizes determined by the country. The size of the photograph determined by the USA is 51 mm×51 mm. While determining this size, the length from the head to the chin was taken into account, and it was stated that this length should cover more than 50% of the photograph.

In addition, the visa photo to be taken to obtain a US visa can be separated as a digital photo or a printed photo. Individuals may need to use printed photographs or digital images for the visa category they wish to obtain. Those who want to get a visa from the USA should pay attention to the color of their photos and that they have been taken within the last 6 months. Also, the visa photo must be flat against the background on which it was taken.

What should be the photo dimensions for the Schengen Visa?

By obtaining a Schengen visa, it is possible to travel to all countries within the Schengen area. The photograph to be used in the Schengen visa is a standard photograph and the size of the photograph to be used in all Schengen visas must be 35 millimeters wide and 45 millimeters high. For a Schengen visa, the entire face of the person must be visible in the photograph and more than 70% of the photograph must include the person's face. It is very important that the background of the area where the photo is taken for the visa is white. In addition, people who take visa photos should keep their mouths shut and what kind of expression they should have. It is very important that people do not have a facial expression such as smiling or laughing while taking the photo. It should also be noted that the photograph of us, which will be used to obtain a Schengen visa, was taken within the last 6 months.

How Many Biometric Photos Are Required For A Visa?

People who want to take a biometric photo for a visa wonder how many photos they need. The number of biometric photographs required for a visa varies according to the country for which the visa is requested. People can learn how many biometric photos are needed by reading the visa application conditions determined by the country they want to visit. The vast majority of countries require at least 2 biometric photos. Depending on the number of countries to visit, the number of biometric photos may also increase.

Can the photo used in the passport be used by us?

People who want to get a visa wonder whether they can use the photos they used in their passports as visa photos. The size of the visa photos and the photos used in the passport are different from each other. For this reason, it is not possible to use the photo used in the passport in the visa photo. However, it is possible to make a visa photo by making the necessary sizing operations on the biometric photo you have taken for the passport.

What are the General Features Determined for Visa Photo?

Although the size of visa photos varies from country to country, there are some desired features in all visa photos. Generally requested dimensions in pizza photos, Rize requirements can be listed as follows:

• The photo must have been taken within 6 months.

• Minimum 2 photos are needed

• The photo must be in color

• The background in the photographed area should be plain white or light colored.

• It is not necessary for the person to look directly at the camera while taking the photo.

• Visa photo should not contain any smiley expressions.

• What kind of facial expression should the person looking at the camera have?

• The clothing to be worn when photographed by us must not be the same color as the background.

• In addition, uniforms or clothes belonging to an official institution should not be worn in the visa photo.

Can a Visa Photo Be Taken With Makeup or Beard?

Women who want to have a visa photo taken wonder what kind of makeup they can wear during the photo. Women who take visa photos can wear light make-up, but colored lipsticks or dark eyeliners are products that should not be used when taking visa photos. A simple and non-bright make-up should be preferred as much as possible.

Men wonder if they should have a beard shave when having a visa photo taken. Men who take visa photos can also be photographed with a beard, as long as their beard does not cover their face. However, a very dense beard is not preferred in a visa photo. In addition, it would be more correct for people who do not use a beard in their normal life to be beardless in their visa photo.

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