How to Apply for K2 Document Visa?

Jan. 22, 2024
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There are many different types of vehicles used in the logistics industry today. These vehicles are placed in different classes based on their own features. Vehicles used for logistics purposes must have some important documents in order to carry out the necessary operations. In the field of transportation, the type of document that such vehicles must obtain is the K document. In addition to being an official document, this document is also very important for those who want to earn income in the field of transportation. It is not possible to carry out any transaction without this document. It is mandatory for these vehicles that provide transportation services for commercial purposes to have a K certificate. This document is divided into different categories. These categories; It is in the form of K1, K2 and K3 documents. In this article, we will talk about the K2 document.

As it is known, in order to go from one region to another, some basic conditions must be met. These conditions are of particular importance, especially for trips abroad. Just as passport and visa procedures are necessary when traveling abroad, the K document, which replaces a visa document, is also important in the transportation sector. People who want to go abroad often prefer transportation by air to fulfill their desires. For this purpose, he buys plane tickets at affordable prices. Likewise, it is one of the preferred options for road transportation as well as air transportation. There are many bus companies that organize trips for both domestic and international trips. You can have a pleasant journey by purchasing bus tickets from these companies. In the field of transportation, certain procedures come into play. The issue of how to obtain a K2 document visa is of great importance for those who serve or plan to serve in this field.

What is K2 Certificate?

An official document is given to individuals who provide logistics services privately or affiliated with a company. This document is called K2 document. This document must be issued not only to individuals providing services in the field of transportation, but also to companies. If these individuals or companies are especially responsible for taxes, they may face some criminal sanctions if they do not receive this document. Every person or company that provides transportation services with trucks or pickup trucks is responsible for obtaining this K2 document. Even if their vehicle has a sign stating that they are a taxpayer or that it is for private use, if they do not have a K2 document, the risk of facing penalties is quite high. People who provide this service with a minibus vehicle other than a truck or pickup truck do not have to obtain this document.

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How to Obtain K2 Certificate?

As we mentioned in our article, the K2 document is an important document given to individuals or companies that provide logistics services specifically with vehicles such as trucks or pickup trucks. In some cases, goods ordered by one or more buyers from different companies are collected in a single vehicle and these goods are transported by a single vehicle. This type of transportation service is called partial transportation. Persons or companies that provide partial transportation services with trucks or vans must obtain a K2 certificate in order to proceed with the transportation process smoothly. Without this document, it is impossible to complete logistics transactions. To obtain this document, you can go directly to the authorized institutions or apply through the e-government portal. If you are going to go in person, the authorized institutions you should go to are the Ministries of Communications, Transport or Maritime Affairs. If you want to apply online, you can apply by entering the pages of these authorized institutions through the E-government portal application. However, there is an important detail here that you should not forget. You must bring the necessary documents with you when applying in person. Likewise, if you are going to apply online, you must upload the required documents to the system interactively.

K2 Certificate Conditions

It is important to prepare the requested documents in order to obtain a K2 certificate. If you wish, you can apply directly to the authorized institutions with these documents. If you do not want to go, you can apply to the authorized institutions through the e-government system and submit the necessary documents online. Before applying for a K certificate, some important conditions must be met. In this context, the conditions for the K2 certificate are generally as follows:

• In order to have this document, you must own a private or commercially registered pickup truck or truck. It is important that these vehicles are not registered to someone else.

• People who own a truck or pickup truck must have a psychotechnical evaluation document and a professional qualification document.

• People who will have a K2 authorization certificate have the right to use only vehicles that are registered and registered to them.

How Much Does K2 Certificate Cost?

Have a K2 document In order to become a member, you must first apply to the relevant institutions. It is important that you make sure that the required documents are complete when applying. K2 document is an official document issued to individuals or companies that provide transportation services specifically for commercial purposes. The current K2 certificate fee is 44 thousand 264 TL. You can deposit this fee online via the E-government gateway application.

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