Places to Visit between Ankara and Eskişehir

July 10, 2024
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Our cities Ankara and Eskişehir are among the most frequently visited tourist spots in our country. While Ankara is located in the Central Anatolia Region of our country, Eskişehir is located in the northwestern part of Central Anatolia. The distance between Ankara and Eskişehir is approximately 225 kilometers. There are many different options for transportation from Ankara to Eskişehir region. While you can travel by bus between cities by purchasing a bus ticket, you can also travel by purchasing a flight ticket and have a pleasant flight. In addition, you can easily come to the region by taking the train. You can also travel comfortably with your private vehicle. For those who plan to travel from Ankara to Eskişehir, there are various cultural rich places that should be visited on the route.

It is especially recommended for those who will travel by car to visit these tourist spots. It is recommended that visitors who plan to go from Ankara to Eskişehir by bus should choose the bus station in Tepebaşı district as their destination. There are regular bus services from Ankara to this bus terminal. You can have a comfortable journey by purchasing a bus ticket that suits your budget. If you want to go faster, you can search for airline companies that operate flights from Esenboğa Airport in Ankara to Hasan Polatkan Airport. To do this, you just need to buy a flight ticket. There may be differences in ticket prices every season. Therefore, we recommend that you do research on the ticket prices through the company you choose beforehand.

Another means of transportation is traveling by train. Thanks to the High Speed ​​Train Line, those living in Ankara can reach Eskişehir in approximately one and a half hours. Those who will set out with their private vehicle can come to the Eskişehir region by following the Polatlı, Sivrihisar and Çifteler roads. In this article, we will give information about places to visit between Ankara and Eskişehir to travelers who plan to travel with their personal vehicle. There are touristic places you should definitely visit on this route. These places are Malıköy Train Station, Alagöz Headquarters Museum, Duatepe Monument, Gordion Ancient City, Ulu Mosque, Armenian Church and Nasrettin Hodja Memorial Park, respectively. We recommend that you spend some time at these points between Ankara and Eskişehir. In this way, you can see many prominent tourist spots throughout your journey and make your journey more enjoyable.

Malıköy Train Station

The first stop on our list of places to visit between Ankara and Eskişehir is Malıköy Train Station while heading towards Polatlı.

Travelers heading from Ankara to Eskişehir should definitely visit this train station located on the road. Malıköy is one of the prominent settlements of Polatlı district. It is very important historically as it is the region where the Battle of Sakarya took place. There is a historical museum inside the train station where you can see the traces of this battle. Inside the museum, you can see and closely examine the monument containing civilian clothes belonging to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Apart from a private vehicle, you can also come here by purchasing a bus ticket.

Alagöz Headquarters Museum

Another touristic spot you should visit after Polatlı on your journey between Ankara and Eskişehir is the Alagöz Headquarters Museum.

The entire plan of the Battle of Sakarya was made here by Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. This museum, which serves within the scope of Anıtkabir Command, consists of two floors in total. The first floor was opened to visitors in 1983, and the second floor was opened to visitors in 1968. While visiting the museum, you will come across many rooms, from Atatürk's bedroom to the dining room, from the commander-in-chief's room to the dressing room. You may feel like you are returning to those historical days when visiting this museum, which has twelve rooms in total.

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Duatepe Monument

The next trip route on our list of places to visit between Ankara and Eskişehir is the Duatepe Monument, which you will see as you leave Polatlı and head towards Eskişehir.

It is one of the historical areas you must visit during your trip. This place also has the distinction of being the first hill taken from enemy soldiers by our Great Leader Atatürk in 1921. The surroundings of the monument are covered with wooded areas. At the point where the monument is located, especially Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk; There are statues of Halide Edip Adıvar, Fevzi Çakmak and İsmet İnönü. You can also come here by purchasing an Ankara Eskişehir flight ticket and step into a cultural tour accompanied by a historical atmosphere.

Gordion Ancient City

While leaving Polatlı district, you can also visit the Ancient City of Gordion, which has great value in terms of cultural tourism.

In this ancient city, which reflects the traces of 3000 BC, there is also the Gordion Museum, which has the same name as the city. When you visit the museum, you will see some important artifacts from the Old Bronze period, along with the historical ruins left from the ancient city. You can come across historical artifacts. If you like visiting historical places, we recommend that you stop by here during your trip.

Grand Mosque

The next destination on our list of places to visit between Ankara and Eskişehir is Sivrihisar, which you can visit after Polatlı during the journey.

In this region, you can visit the Ulu Mosque, which stands out with its historical texture. This historical mosque, built by the Seljuks, is also among the mosques with wooden poles. Apart from a private vehicle, you can also get here by purchasing a bus ticket or plane ticket.

Armenian Church

The next point on our list of places to visit between Ankara and Eskişehir is the Armenian Church, also located in Sivrihisar.

One of the most striking points of this church is the angel figure made of marble located at the entrance. In addition, the church is a building that attracts attention with its architectural style. We definitely recommend you to visit this church, which was built using stone processing.

Nasreddin Hodja Memorial Park

Another touristic spot in Sivrihisar that you can see up close is Nasrettin Hodja Monument Park.

This park is regularly visited by many local and foreign tourists. As you can understand from the name, there are busts and statues of Nasreddin Hodja in the park, whose jokes sometimes make you laugh and sometimes make you think. Additionally, the grave of Nasreddin Hodja's daughter is also at this point. You can examine this monument closely and read the inscriptions written on the stones belonging to Nasreddin Hodja. After visiting this park, you can continue heading towards Eskişehir.

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