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Jan. 30, 2024
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Çekerek is a district of the city of Yozgat, located in the central part of the Central Anatolia Region of our country. Çekerek, which stands out as one of the 14 districts of our Yozgat province, gained the right to become a district in 1944. Located approximately 90 kilometers from the city center, this district attracts attention with both its natural beauties and historical structures. Since the district is located close to the Black Sea region, the weather is quite hot in the summer and quite cold in the winter. Therefore, we can recommend that those who will come here choose spring or summer. The district includes forty villages and five municipalities. One of these municipalities is also the central municipality of the district. The issue of places to visit by Pulling is of great importance for those who will come to the district. Before moving on to this subject, we would like to talk about how you can reach the region.

There are many different transportation options for those who want to come to Çekerek district from Yozgat. While you can come with your private vehicle, you can also choose public transportation such as minibuses that depart from the city center to this area. In addition, you can also get there quickly by taking a taxi. For those coming from outside the city, road and air transportation alternatives are available. Transportation by road includes private vehicles and intercity buses. If you want to come comfortably with your private vehicle, you can use the navigation application to get directions. Visitors who do not want or prefer to come with their private vehicle can consider the intercity bus option. Since there is already a bus terminal in Çekerek district, you can come here directly.

You can research the companies that provide bus services from your current location to here and buy a bus ticket by choosing the one that best suits your budget. When traveling by air, there is no direct flight. Because there is no airport in the district. Apart from this, unfortunately, there is no airport in our city of Yozgat. More precisely, an airport is being built in the city, but it has not yet been completed. Therefore, those who want to travel by plane can choose Kayseri Airport, which is closest to the city. We would like to inform you in advance that your transportation journey in the district will be connecting. You can buy an affordable flight ticket by choosing among the airline companies operating from your region to this airport. After arriving at the airport, you can take buses to go to Yozgat, and then, when you reach the city center, you can reach the district by using public transportation.

In addition, it is possible to come to the district by taking a taxi directly from the airport. After giving detailed transportation information, let's move on to the prominent places to visit in the district. Among the places you should not leave without seeing when you come to the district are Çekerek Martyrs' Monument, Kızlar Rock, Çekerek National Garden and Çekerek Lavender Island. You can add these places to your list of places to visit. If you wish, let's start listing the remarkable features of these places without further ado.

Çekerek Martyrs' Monument

The first route on our list of places to visit by pulling is the Çekerek Martyrs' Monument, which is of great importance in terms of cultural tourism and is located in the Republic Square of the district.

You can see many trees around the monument. There are short iron railings around the monument located in the middle of greenery. The structure, which consists of seven blocks in total, took the shape of a triangle when these seven blocks came together at the top. The main purpose of the monument is for the cities that lost their lives during the War of Independence. We recommend you to closely visit this monument, which was protected by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 1989.

Girls Rock

Kızlar Rock is one of the places you should definitely see closely when you come to the district. There are many different rumors about this rock.

Kızlar Kayası, which is approximately 4 kilometers away from the district, is located on a high rock. There are stairs that allow going underground from this rock. We definitely recommend you to listen to the rumors about this rock from the district when you come to the region.

Çekerek National Garden

Located in Kurtağılı Village of Çekerek district, Çekerek National Garden welcomes its guests with its lush green nature.

When you come to this region, you can have a picnic with your family or loved ones accompanied by a wonderful view of the dam lake, go for a walk on the hiking trails to explore the surroundings, and families with children can watch their children's fun-filled games in the children's playgrounds. There is also a science center in the area. So to speak, you can kill many birds with one stone and have a very enjoyable day.

Pulling Lavender Island

Next on our list of places to visit by tow The stop is Çekerek Lavender Island, which stands out as the largest lavender island in the world.

The reason why this region is called lavender island is because more than 250 thousand lavenders were planted here. It is impossible not to lose yourself in the scent of lavender. There are gazebos in the area where you can sit. There are also hiking trails that allow you to walk. You can take great photos in this region, which is home to a unique dam lake.​  

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