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April 15, 2024
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Arifiye is a district of Sakarya province, which is located in the Marmara Region of our country and has an important place in terms of tourism. There are flight ticket and bus ticket options for transportation to this district. Ticket prices may vary depending on your location. There are many places to visit in this district, which stands out with its cultural values and natural beauties. Arifiye district, which has shown serious developments in terms of industry, is located at an average distance of 10 kilometers from Sakarya city center. This region, which is frequently visited in spring and summer, received the title of district in 2008. The district, which has a deep-rooted historical past, is a region rich in cultural activities. Various events take place here regularly every year.

Transportation information is of particular importance for guests who will come to this district, which has great importance in terms of both cultural and traditional activities, for the first time. Those who plan to come to Arifiye, one of the distinguished districts of Sakarya, with their private vehicle can easily get there by getting directions via the navigation application. Guests who plan to travel by bus can choose Adapazarı Bus Terminal, which serves close to Sakarya city center, as their destination. To do this, you can choose one of the bus companies that operate from your location to this bus terminal and buy a cheap bus ticket. After arriving at the bus terminal, you can move to the district by using other means of transportation. Another transportation network is the railway. The railway passes through the district.

Thanks to the new station building completed in 2018, transportation by rail is also possible. For guests who want to travel to the district by plane, their destination is Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Istanbul. Because there is no airport in the city or district. Those coming from distant cities can land at this airport by purchasing a flight ticket from their current location. Then, one can reach the city center by taking the shuttle buses and then reach the district by using public transportation. Places to visit in Arifiye include Arifiye Mosque, Gölbaşı Picnic Area, Karıncalı Dede Tomb, Courthouse Castle and Sakarya Provincial Forest Park. By adding these places to your travel list, you can avoid worrying about where to visit and have a pleasant trip.

Arifiye Mosque

The first stop on our list of places to visit in Arifiye is Arifiye Mosque located in the district center. This mosque, also known as the central mosque, stands out with its unique architecture.

You may be amazed when you see the architecture of this mosque located on Atatürk Street in the district. This mosque, which has a very magnificent appearance, is of great importance for the local people to perform their prayers today. We recommend that you add this mosque to your travel list to see and examine the historical values ​​of the district closely.

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Gölbaşı Picnic Area

If you want to have a picnic accompanied by clean air and green nature when you come to the district, you can go to Gölbaşı Picnic Area.

As the name suggests, there are many picnic areas in this picnic area, also called Gölbaşı Park. There are also various social facilities in this region, which also hosts the view of the famous Sapanca Lake. This picnic area, which you can enter without paying any fee, is also very suitable for families with children.

Here you can have a picnic against the magnificent lake view, go for a walk to explore the surroundings, perform various sports activities in the sports facilities, watch your children playing in the playgrounds and have fun hours.

Karıncalı Dede Tomb

This tomb, located around Adliye Village, has an important place in terms of faith tourism. There are many rumors about the person buried in this tomb.

It is said that a Turkmen named Abdullah bin Yaşari, who is believed to be a saint, communicated with ants. Rumor has it that the village was invaded by ants. Thereupon, help was requested from Abdullah bin Jashari, and this person communicated with the ants and saved the village.

We definitely recommend you to visit this tomb, which has a remarkable story. Do not forget to buy a flight ticket in advance to see the important points based on such supernatural stories closely.

Courthouse Castle

The next stop on our list of places to visit in Arifiye is the Adliye Castle, located in the Adliye Village of the district and bearing the same name as the village.

This castle is known as one of the important historical structures of the district. The height of this castle, which was built to protect the region against external factors, is approximately 6 meters. The wall thickness of this historical castle, which was built in a rectangular form, is approximately 2 meters. The part of the building overlooking the Sakarya River is in ruins. Things you must see when you come to the district It is among the historical points.

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Sakarya Provincial Forest Park

Before ending your trip to Arifiye district, we recommend you to visit Sakarya Provincial Forest Park, located on the highway between the district and Sapanca.

There are various activity options that allow you to have a pleasant time in this park, which covers an average area of 1030 hectares. You can go on a cycling tour by renting a bicycle, visit equestrian facilities and ride a horse or ride an ATV. There are also areas here where you can picnic or set up a tent and camp.

Beautiful bungalow houses that offer accommodation opportunities are also waiting for you here. If you want to spend time in touch with nature and stay in these houses, you can buy a flight ticket or bus ticket in advance to avoid any problems in your travel plan.

Photo: Arifiye Municipality

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