Saklikent Camping Areas

Feb. 19, 2024
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Many regions of our country attract attention with their natural beauties. Saklıkent region is also among these natural beauties. Saklıkent, located within the borders of Seydikemer district of Muğla city, located in the southwestern part of Turkey, also has a canyon with the same name that stands out with its unique nature. Many local and foreign tourists come to this region, known as Saklıkent Canyon, every year. There are many different activities that can be done in Saklıkent. If you time your visit during the summer period, you can enjoy the sea, sand and sun on its wonderful beaches. In addition, it is one of the most frequently visited regions by those who love camping. In this article, we will give information about Saklıkent Camping Areas. However, first we would like to give you some important details about how to reach the region.

Saklıkent is located at a point connecting both Muğla and Antalya. While its distance to Antalya is approximately 50 kilometers, its distance to Muğla-Fethiye is approximately 40 kilometers. If you plan to come here with your personal vehicle, you can easily get there with directions using the navigation application. Those who want to come from Fethiye can take public transportation departing from the bus station. Visitors who plan to come from different cities can come with their private vehicles or consider bus or air transportation options. You can choose Dalaman Airport in Muğla as the closest location for transportation by air. Those who plan to come by intercity buses can take one of the buses going to the Fethiye region from their current location.

After arriving at the bus terminal, you can use vehicles such as minibuses to the Saklıkent region or consider taxi services. Visitors who plan to come by air should arrive in Muğla first. After arriving at the airport, you can consider taxi options for direct transportation from here. It is possible to reach your destination in a shorter time by using the taxi service. Going back to Saklıkent Camping Areas, there are places where you can pitch a tent and camp. These places include Saklıkent Camping Area, Saklımavi Kent Camping Area, Gorge Club Camping Area, Kumluova Beach Camping Area and Karadere Beach Camping Area. If you wish, let's start telling you what to expect in these popular camping spots.

Saklıkent Camping Area

First on our list of Saklıkent Camping Areas is the Saklıkent Camping Area with the same name. This is also the region where Saklıkent Canyon is located.

When you come here, you will be greeted by the magnificent view of water flowing through the canyon. There is a bridge made of wood right above the canyon. This is one of the places frequented by those who want to escape from the summer heat and cool off. You also have the opportunity to do rafting activity here. It is also worth stating this from the beginning. If you are planning to do your camping activity with a caravan, this region is not suitable for that. However, if you want to pitch a tent and camp, this place is for you! You can set up your tent in this camping area free of charge and enjoy the day with a wonderful atmosphere. We would like to remind you that you should also take your food and drinks with you.

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Saklımavi Kent Camping Area

Another spot that allows you to camp in the region is the Saklımavi Kent Camping Area, located approximately 200 meters from the canyon.

This camping area appears as a facility. Therefore, you can benefit from many opportunities, from breakfast to dinner, during your stay here. Additionally, if you plan to come to the facility with your own vehicle, you can also benefit from the parking facilities. We would also like to underline that parking is free. You can set up your tent in this camping area, spend good times alone with nature with your loved ones and create unforgettable memories.

Gorge Club Campground

The next route on our Saklıkent Camping Areas list is the Gorge Club Camping Area, which also serves as a facility.

You can set up your tent and have a pleasant accommodation experience in this camping area, located close to Saklıkent Kayadibi Village. It is possible to participate in many different activities in this camping area, which is a paid area. Thanks to fun and adventurous activities such as mud bathing, zipling and trekking, you can have a pleasant time and stay in touch with nature.

Kumluova Beach Camping Area

When you come to Seydikemer Saklıkent region, you may want to enjoy the sea and the sun as well as camping. At this point, we come across Kumluova Beach Camping Area.

There are no facilities in this beach area, located at the point where the Eşen Stream, which forms the Saklıkent Canyon, flows. This is a business Since it is not managed by the company, you do not need to pay any fee to set up a tent and camp. It is also possible to camp with a caravan here.

Karadere Beach Camping Area

At the other end of Kumova Beach is Karadere Beach Camping Area. This is one of the frequent destinations for those who like to go camping for the day.

Özlem Stream also flows in the area where this region is located. There is also a facility where you can receive service. You can set up your tent in the area and have a pleasant accommodation experience. If you want to camp with a caravan here, you need to cross over to the other part of the Özlem Stream. We also recommend that you visit the prominent historical and ancient cities of Saklıkent while you are in these regions.

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