What to Eat in Keşan?

Nov. 27, 2023
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Keşan is one of the most popular districts of Edirne province, located on the Thrace side of the Marmara Region of our country. The district hosts many local and foreign tourists throughout the year with its natural beauties and historical buildings. The district, which is quite crowded especially in the summer season, is also of great importance in terms of sea tourism. In the district, which stands out with its deep blue sea, you can enjoy the trio of sea, sand and sun and have an extremely pleasant time. In addition, since the district is a region that attracts attention with its delicious local dishes and desserts, those who eat a plate of food may want the same dish again. There are many different alternatives for transportation to the district, which is located approximately 112 kilometers from Edirne city center.

It is possible to reach Keşan by both road and air. However, if you prefer transportation by air, we would like to underline that you can arrive in the district via a transfer. Since there is no airport in the region, the air transportation option may be suitable for holidaymakers coming from more remote areas. When traveling by road, you can come by both private vehicles and intercity buses. Those who plan to come with their private vehicle can easily reach from every point of our country. More visitors come to Keşan, especially from regions such as Tekirdağ, Çanakkale and Istanbul. Because these regions are located closer to the district.

Visitors who plan to come by intercity bus can arrive directly at Keşan Bus Terminal, located on Edirne/Çanakkale Road, by purchasing a bus ticket from their location. Journey times and ticket prices vary from starting point. When it comes to transportation by air, two options await you. One of these is the airport located in Çanakkale, and the other is the airport serving in Çorlu. You can have a pleasant flight to your preferred airport by purchasing a flight ticket from your location. After landing at the airport of your choice, you can go to Keşan by taking a shuttle, renting a private car or using taxi options.

Famous Dishes of Keşan

It is possible for you to have a wonderful holiday in Keşan, one of the regions where the seaside becomes crowded with the start of the summer season. While you are enjoying your holiday, you can also visit the touristic places, and when you are hungry or want to take a break, you can visit the restaurants and taste their prominent delicacies. The prominent flavors of Keşan, which has a rich culinary culture, include Satır Meat, Edirne Tava Liver, Stuffed Liver, Hayrabolu Dessert and Almond Paste. Of course, there are many other important flavors of the district, but we have prioritized the most popular flavors in order not to bore you by making our article too long.

Row Meat

When asked what to eat in Keşan, Satır Meat is one of the most popular delicacies. The main feature that distinguishes this meat from other known meats is that it is obtained from suckling lambs, called the curly breed, grown in the Southern Thrace Region.

The reason why this meat is called 'cleaf' is because the meat is pounded with a cleaver during the preparation stage and turned into minced meat. Some salt is added to the minced meat and cooked well on a wire grill over a hot fire. It is possible to taste this delicious taste in the restaurants in the town center.

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Edirne Fried Liver

Another flavor you should try when you come to Keşan is Edirne Tava Liver. We definitely recommend you to taste this delicacy made from the livers of calves raised in green areas in the Thrace Region.

During the production phase, the membrane of the calf's liver is peeled and then cut thinly. After keeping it in the refrigerator for 24 hours, it is floured and fried. We want you to know in advance that when you try this flavor, which is served in many restaurants in Keşan, its taste will remain on your palate.

Stuffed Liver

Liver Sarma, which is among the local flavors specific to Keşan; It consists of many different ingredients such as rice, spring onions, eggs, currants, along with lamb inner shirt and lamb liver.

You can try this delicacy, which is widely made in Rumelia Cuisine and prepared wrapped in lamb shirt, in restaurants located in many parts of the district. There are also many spices in the wrap such as mint, black pepper and salt.

Hayrabolu Dessert

Another answer to the question of what to eat in Keşan is Hayrabolu Dessert, which resembles Kemalpaşa dessert in terms of its appearance.

If you suddenly crave dessert in Keşan or want to have dessert after a nice dinner, we recommend that this dessert be your first choice. You can try this dessert, which contains cheese and semolina, at the dessert shop, which serves as both an ice cream parlor and a dessert parlour, located on Anafartalar Street in the district.

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Almond butter

Another famous dessert of Keşan is Badem Paste, which uses lots of almonds. It is also referred to as a historical flavor of the region. This dessert is also considered a healthy dessert because it has a low sugar content.

There are dessert shops in many parts of Keşan where you can find this dessert. You can also buy plenty of Almond Paste dessert before ending your Keşan trip and take it as a gift to your loved ones. 

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