When Do Teachers Get the Green Passport?

Feb. 3, 2024
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Passport issue has a special importance for people who like to travel abroad. Today, there are many types of passports that are used for many different purposes and have various advantages. Green passport is also among these passports. In order to obtain this type of passport, also called a special passport, some criteria must be met. One of the most curious issues regarding this passport is whether teachers have the right to obtain a green passport.

Before touching on this issue, we would like to point out why the names of passports consist of colors. For example, the reason why this passport is called green is because the cover of the passport is green. Likewise, this applies to the burgundy passport. Since its cover is burgundy, this passport is also known as the burgundy passport. Going back to our green passport topic, there are many important advantages provided by this passport type.

With this passport, you can enter many different countries without a visa within a certain number of days. As you know, a visa is an official document that is extremely important when moving from one country to another. However, when you get a green, that is, special passport, it is possible to easily go to countries that do not require a visa. It is extremely important that you meet some conditions to be eligible to receive this passport. As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, this issue is of particular importance for teachers.

This type of passport, known as a special passport, is commonly issued to people with very high degrees. Former ministers, especially bureaucrats, and former members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly have the right to obtain this passport. In addition, civil servants serving in the state can also obtain this passport. Therefore, since teachers are included in the category of civil servants, they also have rights. However, this requires reaching certain levels.

When is the Green Passport Given to the Teacher?

There are undoubtedly many people who want to have a special passport. This issue is especially important for teachers. Thanks to the green passport, you can travel to more than a hundred countries without a visa. This is exactly what makes this passport so special. Of course, one of the biggest advantages is that you can easily travel to many countries without a visa requirement. There are many different criteria for teachers who want to obtain a green passport. The most important of these criteria is how long they have been working in their profession and to what level they have reached. At this point, the tenure level of teachers is very important. Teachers with first, second and third staff degrees and teachers who have served and retired with these degrees may have the right to obtain a special passport. Of course, being a civil servant and being among these positions is important, as well as the number of years of service in the profession. At this point, it is generally necessary to have practiced this profession for 10-15 years.

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What Should Teachers Do to Get a Green Passport?

We stated in our article that teachers also have the right to obtain a special passport under certain conditions. It is extremely important that teachers must be within a certain staff level in order to receive this passport. Those who meet these conditions can apply for a passport by going to the provincial civil registration offices. Before applying for a passport, you must have the necessary documents ready. We would like to inform you that if any of the documents are missing or incorrect, your application will be rejected. You can also apply in person or online.

How Many Years of Being a Civil Servant for a Green Passport?

The issue of how many years one must work as a civil servant to obtain a green passport is also of particular importance. For this, it is necessary to be subject to the Civil Servant Law No. 657. In order to obtain this passport, which is also called a special passport and provides many advantages, you must have worked as a civil servant for at least ten years. In this way, you may be granted the right to obtain a green passport.

What are the Documents Required to Obtain a Green Passport?

It is extremely important that the specified conditions are met in order to have a special passport. After the conditions are met, the necessary documents for the application must be prepared. In this context, the documents required to obtain a green (special) passport are generally as follows:

• Green passport request petition for those who are currently working

• For those who are retired and are entitled to receive this passport, a letter stating that they are retired

• Original copy of the Republic of Türkiye identity document

• Four biometric photographs taken

• Consent letter from families for individuals under 18 years of age

• For people who have resigned from their jobs, documents proving their level of employment during the period of service.

• The person who has the right to receive the passport If the person is deceased, the document showing the position level of this person at the time of her death must be submitted during the application. 

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