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Feb. 13, 2024
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Perast is a tourist town located close to the city of Kotor in the country of Montenegro in the European continent. Located on the coastal part of the Bay of Kotor, this town is a region that stands out with its historical texture dating back to the 17th century. Perast, which is among the places you must see when you come to Montenegro, is quite remarkable as it has a medieval atmosphere. The town, which welcomes its guests with its lush nature and peaceful atmosphere, is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are touristic spots to visit in the region, which occupies a small area in terms of geographical location. There are multiple transportation options to get to Perast, which is approximately 12 kilometers away from the city of Kotor.

Visitors planning to come to Perast for sightseeing or holiday purposes can also use their own vehicles. You can also go via Bulgaria. However, we would like to underline that you must have a Schengen visa or green passport for this. An option that you may consider valuable for transportation to the region is air travel. Since the region has the distinction of being a town, no airport serves here. You can choose the airport in Tivat, which is located closest to the town and is approximately 23 kilometers away. We would like to say that visitors planning to come from Istanbul cannot travel directly by air. However, direct transportation is possible.

Those traveling from Istanbul can reach the city of Tivat with connections via regions such as Paris, London, Rome and Moscow. After landing at the airport, you can take buses from here to the town or take advantage of taxi services. After giving information about how to reach the region, let's move on to our Perast travel guide topic. In the rest of our article, you can see the prominent touristic points of the region and create your travel list according to these points.

Places to Visit in Perast

Perast is a region that makes visitors feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and contains many buildings such as churches and palaces. Perast, which is a small and charming town, attracts attention with its palm tree-lined streets and magnificent view of the Bay of Kotor. Since the town is a small place, it is enough to spend 1-2 hours to visit it. The number of people coming for day trips, especially from surrounding regions, is quite high. If you want to stay here, there are facilities that offer this service. Among the places to visit in Perast is St. Nicholas Church, Perast Museum, Our Lady of The Rock, Sveti Djordje Island, Bajova Kula Beach and Smekja Palace are among the top places. Let's start telling you what awaits you at these prominent tourist spots of the town.

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St. Nicholas Church

The first place on our list of places to visit in Perast is St. Petersburg, located right in the town square. There is St. Nicholas Church. It is one of the most frequently visited spots in the region.

This church, which has become the symbol of the town, dates from the 17th century. The most striking part of the church is the bell tower with clock. This bell tower is approximately 55 meters tall. We would like to point out in advance that a wonderful view awaits you when you climb this tower. That's why we recommend that you take your camera with you.

Perast Museum

One of the must-visit places for those who like to visit museums and are interested in historical artifacts is the Perast Museum, located on Obala Marka Martinovica Street.

It is possible to come across many historical artifacts related to both art and maritime in the museum. In addition to these historical monuments, there is also a library inside. We definitely recommend you to see this museum, which is open every day of the week.

Our Lady of the Rock

Our Lady of The Rock, which is known as the Lady of the Rocks in Turkish, is an island built by humans.

There is also a Catholic church on the island, which is among the frequent destinations of those who like to take landscape photographs. However, this church was later converted into a museum. You can reach here from the town by boat. You should not end your trip without seeing this man-made region.

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Sveti Djordje Island

The next stop on our list of places to visit in Perast is Sveti Djordje Island, which you can see closely during the boat ride.

There are graves of many people known to the town on the island. There is also a monastery that provides education in the region. However, the monastery is not open to visitors. Therefore, you can come near this island and see the monastery closely during your boat trip.

Bajova Kula Beach

There are areas where you can swim when you come to Perast. One of these areas is Bajova Kula Beach, located just one kilometer from the town.

The sea of this beach, whose sandy part is pebbly, is very clean. There is also a restaurant here where you can meet your eating and drinking needs. come here When you are there, you can enjoy the clean water and sunbathe a lot.

Smekja Palace

If you come to the town of Perast from the west, the first building you will see is the Smekja Palace, which stands out with its magnificent appearance.

This palace, which consists of three floors, also hosts a unique coastal view. After seeing the palace, you can move towards the coast and have something to eat and drink at the restaurants listed here.​  

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