Where is Suluada? Suluada Travel Guide

Feb. 12, 2024
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Suluada is an island located in the southern part of our country and in the Kumluca district of Antalya, whose center is on the Mediterranean coast. Located approximately 10 kilometers from the Adrasan coast of Kumluca, the island is also defined as the Maldives of the Mediterranean. With the opening of the summer season, many local and foreign tourists flock to this region. The region, which stands out with its clean and clear sea, also has a wonderful atmosphere. If you want to make your holiday choice in this region, we would like to state in advance that you will not regret it. Because this is a very beautiful place, like heaven. Transportation to the region is only possible by sea. This place stands out especially with its boat tours. When you come to Suluada, you can see many different bays and enjoy the sea to your heart's content.

There are many different transportation options to go to Suluada. If you plan to come from other districts of Antalya, you can use public transportation to Adrasan. After arriving in the area, you can walk a little and get on the boats departing from the port to the island. If you are coming from out of town, you must first arrive in Antalya. You have three options for this. The first of these is to come by private vehicle, the other is by intercity buses and the last option is by air. If you are coming with your private vehicle, you can have a pleasant journey by using the navigation service that provides directions. If you are coming by bus, you must first come to Antalya Bus Terminal. After arriving at the bus terminal, you can go to Adrasan by public transportation and from there to the island by boat.

Another transportation alternative is air travel. You can search for airline companies that operate flights from your region to Antalya Airport. After making your choice, you can land at the airport after a pleasant flight. After arriving at the airport, you can go to Adrasan by taking one of the city transportation vehicles or taking a taxi. After arriving in Adrasan, you can go to Suluada by taking a boat from the port.

Places to Visit in Suluada

Suluada is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Antalya. It is possible to have a pleasant time on this island, which is also described as the address of peace. You can swim, sunbathe and have an unforgettable holiday on the island, which is located at a point where green and blue meet. You can visit many different tourist spots by participating in boat tours from the island, which is quite crowded in the summer months. Let's not forget to mention this. The departure point of boat tours is from Adrasan pier, located right across from Suluada. So when you come here, you need to go to Adrasan first. If you only want to see Suluada, you can not join the boat tours. However, if you are going to participate, we would like to remind you that the boats leave around 10:00 in the morning. Of course, these hours may be different every summer season.

Suluada is a region rich in places to visit. Among the places you can see when you come to Suluada and join the boat tours are Suluada Beach, Suluada Healing Waters, American Bay, Pirate Bay, Suluada Caves and Hacivat Bay. After spending time in Suluada, we definitely recommend you to join the boat tours and see the bays with unique views.

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Suluada Beach

When you come to Suluada, the first sightseeing route you should visit before joining the boat tours is Suluada Beach, which stands out with its turquoise sea and white sands.

You can have a great time on this beach, which is likened to tropical island beaches. You can immerse yourself in its turquoise and clear waters, swim for hours and sunbathe a lot. We would like to say that there is another beach in the region other than this one. They are both beautiful, we have to say! Calm and peaceful hours await you on these beaches, which are like the Maldives.

Suluada Healing Waters

Another area you should add to your list of places to visit in Suluada is Suluada Healing Waters, which you can go to by boat tour.

Fresh water flows between the rocks of the island. Many boats dock at the point where the flowing water and the sea come together. The reason for this is the rumor that the waters flowing here are healing. That's why local and foreign tourists drink this water. However, it is not clear whether this water has any positive effect on the ailments.

American Dark

American Bay, where American scientists once studied shipwrecks, appears as another excursion route while you continue your boat tour. The old name of this bay was Kelleciler. However, since these scientists came here, its new name was American Bay.

Pirate Bay

The next route on our list of places to visit in Suluada and our boat tour is Pirate Bay.

As it is obvious from its name, this bay got its name from pirates. In the past, pirates lived here He continued his. You can enjoy the sea, sand and sun when you anchor in this bay, which attracts attention with its interesting story. You can also camp and stay here if you want.

Suluada Caves

Suluada is a unique tourist area that contains many caves both above and under the sea.

When you join the boat tours, you have the opportunity to see these caves one by one. One of the most striking features of the caves is the large rocks on top of them. These rocks have a colorful appearance, especially when the sun reflects. It is also possible to come across a variety of fish while visiting these places.

Hacivat Bay

It is one of the places you should definitely see in Hacivat Bay, which attracts attention with its magnificent view and crystal clear sea.

You can swim in the sea and enjoy the bright sun in this bay, which is among the points frequented by boats. You can also dive from here. If you are interested in diving, we recommend that you bring your diving goggles with you. The last stop of the boats is Balıkçı Bay. You have the opportunity to camp in this bay. If you want to spend the night in this bay, you can end your boat trip and pitch a tent here.​ 

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