Akşehir Bus Terminal Bus Ticket

Akşehir Bus Terminal

By purchasing Akşehir Bus Terminal bus ticket, you can land at the bus station, which is the intersection point of the Mediterranean Region and Central Anatolia region. Located in the Konya Plain and rich in historical and cultural terms, Akşehir is only 2 km away from the bus terminal. You can reach the Nasreddin Hodja Tomb, Akşehir Museum, Gümüşler Monastery, Kümbet Mosque, Akşehir Lake and restaurants serving local dishes, which must be visited by those who visit this region, with the Akşehir Bus Terminal bus ticket.

About Akşehir Bus Terminal

You can travel from many cities in Turkey with the Akşehir Bus Terminal bus ticket purchase process. Providing comfort to its passengers with its simple and stylish design, the bus terminal offers a wide range of services to its guests with 12 different platforms. Established in 2022, the bus station welcomes guests as a new, modern-looking place with its interior design and decoration. Providing service on a large area of ​​10 thousand square meters, the bus terminal has toilets, ticket sales points of bus companies, air conditioning and a snack bar.

You can get to the bus station near the city with the Akşehir Bus Terminal bus ticket. The bus terminal, which has connections to many cities, has become the heart of Akşehir in a short time. The bus terminal in Totel, which hosts more than 20 bus companies, organizes trips to different cities and districts around the clock. The bus station has been designed with disabled access in mind, and the necessary arrangements must be made so that disabled passengers can easily enter and exit the bus station and benefit from all facilities. Apart from that, special toilets and elevators for disabled people are also available at the bus station.

Akşehir Bus Terminal Transportation

You can reach the bus terminal by following the steps to buy Akşehir Bus Terminal bus ticket. Those who come with a private vehicle must use the D300 highway. There is also a parking service at the bus terminal at the station. You can use different public transportation depending on where you come from within the city. Some of these may be trams, buses, minibuses and taxis.

You can reach the bus station by using these public transportation vehicles by purchasing Akşehir Bus Terminal bus ticket. The bus terminal line continues to operate rapidly in different time zones and hour intervals. Tram line number 1 provides service within Akşehir, helping passengers have easy transportation. Apart from this, there are bus lines numbered k51, s3, S32, S5, S54 and S58 passing near Akşehir.

What Hours is Akşehir Bus Terminal Open?

Akşehir Bus Terminal operates 24 hours a day. Only indoor employees may have different hours.

Is there a playground inside Akşehir Bus Terminal?

Yes, there are parent-child playgrounds inside Akşehir Bus Terminal, carefully designed with children and parents in mind.

Is there a ventilation system in Akşehir Bus Terminal?

Yes, the ventilation systems, which is the best part of the summer months and the harsh winter months, are operated at regular intervals.

Is There Parking at Akşehir Bus Terminal?

Yes, there is an open parking area at Akşehir Bus Terminal.

Which Companies Are Located at Akşehir Bus Terminal?

Hosting more than 20 companies, the bus station also works with local companies. These companies provide transportation to the surrounding areas of the district, helping to eliminate the pressure on the main city.

What are the cities with the most frequent flights from Akşehir Bus Terminal?

The cities with the most frequent flights from Akşehir bus terminal are Konya, İzmir, Afyon, Bursa, Kayseri, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, Ankara and Mersin. These cities in the surrounding provinces generally have 3 to 5 flights per day.

Which cities are served most frequently by Akşehir Bus Terminal?

Among the cities with the most frequent flights to Akşehir Bus Terminal are cities and districts such as Eskişehir, Istanbul, Uşak, Denizli, Mersin, Bursa, Isparta, İzmir, Tavas, Karakoçan, Ereğli, Bozüyük, Kilis, Solhan and İmranlı.

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