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Balıkesir Vip Turizm

Balıkesir Vip Tourism bus ticket makes travel much more advantageous. The company, which stands out in the sector with the services it has provided for years, always gives priority to its passengers. It attaches importance to customer satisfaction by ensuring the best experience of comfort in the vehicle. It provides transportation with its friendly and attentive in-car staff and expert chauffeur team. It works non-stop to follow the developments closely and present them to the passengers.

About Balıkesir Vip Tourism

Founded in Balıkesir province, the company started its operations on March 21, 1997. With its professional staff, it expands its transportation network every year and provides transportation to different parts of Turkey. It provides road transportation services with trips organized between Southern Marmara cities.

By making investments with its own capital, management and quality have always been its priority. It has always managed to stay one step ahead by offering advantageous offers for trips. It provides service with its own Sprinter brand vehicles in its fleet. Continuing its services in 13 different terminals, Balıkesir Vip Turizm has adopted respectful management.

Balıkesir Vip Tourism Company Imprint

·         Title: Balıkesir Vip Turizm

·         Address: Balıkesir

·         Phone: 0533 440 66 10

·         Website:

Balıkesir Vip Tourism Vehicle Features

The company, which has established its own fleet with the latest model vehicles, ensures that comfort comes to the fore during journeys. It has special arrangements to ensure that passengers feel comfortable in the seats even during long journeys. The comfort it offers beyond expectations ensures that your journeys are completed with satisfaction.

It offers the opportunity to accompany the excitement of the match on the seat-back screens inside the vehicles. Thanks to television broadcasts and music broadcasts, you can have a pleasant time without getting bored. Internet or branch services can be preferred to buy Balıkesir Vip Turizm bus tickets. For safe journeys, reservations can be made in 2+1 seats.

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Year of foundation:1997
Bus Count:-
Head Office:Balıkesir
Founder:Balıkesir Vip Turizm
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