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Bingöl Elazığ Vip Turizm stands out as one of the leading travel companies in the region. The company, which carries out passenger transportation processes smoothly with fully equipped buses, has an office in Bingöl Bus Terminal and offices in Uydukent. Passengers who can travel with Bingöl Elazığ Vip Tourism bus ticket can fully benefit from many opportunities during the journey.

Bingöl Elazığ Vip Tourism Bus Ticket

Passengers who want to buy Bingöl Elazığ Vip Turizm bus tickets can purchase their tickets both from the offices in Uydukent and from the Bingöl Bus Terminal office. You can also easily purchase tickets online. Passengers will be able to travel safely and smoothly on buses that have a 2+1 seating arrangement and are approximately 4 years old.

About Bingöl Elazığ Vip Tourism

Bingöl Elazığ Vip Turizm has managed to follow all developments moment by moment since its establishment in 2018 and has managed to move forward in this direction every day.

Company Imprint

Bingöl Elazığ Vip Turizm was founded by Kadri Aybek in 2018. The company, whose headquarters is in Bingöl, continues its flights to the cities of Elazığ and Malatya. Although it is a company that has just joined the intercity passenger transportation sector, it has managed to develop its vehicle fleet. There are 11 buses in the company's vehicle fleet and the average age of the buses has been determined to be 2 years old.

Vehicle Features

All vehicles owned by the company offer free Wi-Fi service that passengers can use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, thanks to the seat-back TV facility available in all vehicles, passengers can watch various channels uninterruptedly throughout the journey. Distribution of disposable headphones to each passenger continues. The satisfaction of all passengers is prioritized by distributing delicious snacks throughout the trip.

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Year of foundation:2018
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Head Office:Bingol
Founder:Kadri Aybek
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