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Hakkari Seyahat

Hakkari Travel manages to transport its passengers to their destinations completely safely and comfortably all year round. The company, which organizes regular flights to many destinations, especially the city of Van, manages to improve its service structure day by day.

Hakkari Travel Bus Ticket

People who want to reach many destinations in safety and comfort with Hakkari Travel bus tickets can purchase their tickets from the company's authorized offices. In addition, people can complete their Hakkari Travel bus ticket purchases via the internet system.

About Hakkari Travel

Hakkari Travel has a total of 25 vehicles in its vehicle fleet. The age of the vehicles has been determined to be 6 years old and the vehicle brands are Crafter and Sprinter. The company's branches located in Van, Hakkari, Derecik and Şemdinli provide service both on weekdays and weekends. Ova Recreation Facilities ensure that passengers can meet their essential needs.

Company Imprint

Hakkari Travel, a local bus company, was established in 2011, headquartered in Hakkari. The company, which has the mission of providing perfect service both before and after the trip, continues these efforts today. The vision of the company, which has thus become one of the leading brands in the sector, is to follow and implement all developments that are closely related to the road transportation sector. Thus, the company has become the most followed brand in the transportation sector.

Vehicle Features

Food and beverage catering services are provided in the vehicles of Hakkari Travel, completely in line with the route. In addition, all needs can be met completely through the authorized offices owned by the company. The seats in the vehicles, which have comfortable and comfortable features, ensure that the passengers feel completely comfortable during all journeys.

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Year of foundation:2011
Bus Count:25
Head Office:Hakkari
Founder:Hakkâri Seyahat
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