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Kastamonu Güven Turizm bus ticket has become one of the most frequently researched topics on the internet in recent years. The tourism company, which has been providing its services since 1985 and attracts great attention from its passengers because it offers a comfortable journey, continues its services with its own vehicle fleet and friendly staff.

Kastamonu Güven Turizm, which helps you to reach your desired destination safely and comfortably thanks to its flights to many different points of Turkey, draws attention because it is known as one of the pioneers of the sector and always prioritizes customer satisfaction.

About Kastamonu Güven Turizm

The tourism company, which has a qualified fleet equipped with the latest model vehicles, provides a very important service in ensuring that its guests can reach their desired destinations safely. It is known that the trips organized by the tourism company, which has not been left behind by technological developments since the day it was founded and always acts with respect for its customers, especially to provinces such as Kastamonu and Karabük, are very popular.

The company, which started its services under the name Taşköprü Güvenlik Ekspres by Hasan Çatal, but later became Güven Turizm, has many different routes.

Kastamonu Güven Tourism Company Imprint

·         Title: Kastamonu Güven Turizm Tic. and San. Ltd. Ltd.

·         Address: Büyük İstanbul Otogarı No: 37 Bayrampaşa 34036 İstanbul/Türkiye

·         Phone: 0212 658 10 35

·         E-mail: [email protected]

Kastamonu Güven Turizm Vehicle Features

By purchasing a Kastamonu Güven Turizm bus ticket, you can have the chance to travel with the latest model vehicles. The company, which has a very important place in the sector, regularly maintains its vehicles in order to offer comfortable and safe journeys to its passengers. The vehicles with which you can travel safely to many points of Turkey are technologically equipped vehicles.

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Year of foundation:1985
Bus Count:-
Head Office:İstanbul
Founder:Hasan Çatal
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