Lüks Erzincan Bus Ticket

Lüks Erzincan

Luxury Erzincan bus ticket can be preferred for comfortable and safe journeys. Choosing a seat is enough to make the most of the services that have been offered for a long time in the transportation sector. Luxury Erzincan can be a comfortable choice for popular trips to different parts of Turkey.

About Luxury Erzincan

The bus company, founded by Ünal Yılmaz in 1992, continues to provide uninterrupted service today. It offers its services through 19 different stops throughout Türkiye. The services it provides to best meet their transportation needs enable passengers to complete their journey with satisfaction.

Luxury Erzincan provides quality service by meeting the changing expectations of customers with the most accurate solutions. It stands out as one of the reference companies in its sector. By increasing the service quality every season, it also increases customer satisfaction. It organizes convenient trips throughout all four seasons, taking into account the travel conditions.

Luxury Erzincan Company Imprint

·         Title: Luxury Erzincan Year. 2000 Peter. Thing. Turz. Tic. Ltd. Ltd.

·         Address: Intercity Bus Terminal Platform No: 8-9 Erzincan

·         Phone: 0446 214 78 78

·         Website: https://www.lukserzincan.com/

Luxury Erzincan Vehicle Features

The features of their vehicles have innovative designs to ensure comfortable and enjoyable journeys. It closely follows the developments in the sector and integrates the necessary facilities into the vehicles in its fleet. Internet, TV, headphones and music streaming are available inside the vehicle to enable you to travel without getting bored on long journeys. Thanks to additional facilities such as sockets, it becomes possible to charge personal devices.

The company, which continues to grow steadily, offers the opportunity to travel together to different points of Turkey. The company, which has made a name for itself with its industry-leading activities, meets the basic needs of customers during their journeys in the best possible way. You can accompany pleasant journeys by purchasing a luxury Erzincan bus ticket.

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Year of foundation:1992
Bus Count:-
Head Office:Erzincan
Founder:Ünal Yılmaz
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