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By purchasing an Aeroflot flight ticket, you can take the first step to have a pleasant and comfortable journey. This company, which was established a century ago, has managed to make a name for itself in the airline industry until today and has been shown among the oldest airline companies. Thanks to the tickets you have bought from this company, it is possible to fly to many destinations in the world in a pleasant and comfortable way. Thanks to the aircrafts selected among the technological devices within the company, it is possible to feel safer during the journey and it is known that your journeys will become more comfortable.

About Aeroflot

Before purchasing Aeroflot flight tickets, it is necessary to have information about the cities and countries to which the company operates flights. The company flies to more than 130 destinations around the world. This company, which adds a new one among the destinations it flies every year with more than 250 aircraft it owns, aims to increase customer satisfaction to the highest level thanks to its experienced personnel. The company, which started to serve based in Russia, has managed to become one of the most important airline companies in both Russia and the world. The company is known for being one of the companies that carry the highest number of passengers in the world, especially thanks to its establishment in 1923 and the fact that it carries out air transportation even after a hundred years.

How Many Aircraft Are There in Aeroflot Company?

Aeroflot company has 255 aircraft. Most of these aircraft are Boeing A320 type passenger aircraft. All the planes in the company's fleet are state-of-the-art planes, so that good passengers have the right to travel in a more comfortable and safe way.

How can I get a ticket from the company?

It is recommended to visit the company's website in order to purchase Aeroflot flight tickets. From the reservation page on the company's website, a search is performed depending on the date of the flight and the destination. Passengers can take the first step to have a pleasant and comfortable journey by choosing the most suitable flight among the flights listed as a result of the search.

How is the Inquiry Process of the Tickets Purchased from the Company Performed?

Persons who buy flight tickets from the company can visit the company's website in order to have more detailed information about the plane ticket they have purchased and to make a ticket inquiry. There is a page called My reservations on the company's website so that you can review the tickets you have purchased before. Passengers visiting this page have the right to easily inspect their previously purchased flight tickets. Passengers who examine their tickets can have more detailed information about the flight date, the Airport where the flight will take place and the Airport where the landing will take place.

How Much is the Baggage Allowance Granted to Passengers by the Company?

I do not know the passengers by the company, even the baggage allowance varies according to the class. People who want to buy flight tickets from the company encounter two different ticket classes, economy class and business class. Passengers have different baggage allowances depending on the class of the ticket they bought. Passengers who buy tickets for economy class have 23 kilograms of luggage to be carried in the cargo hold of the plane. Business class passengers, on the other hand, have baggage allowance of up to 32 kilograms to be carried in the cargo hold. In addition to the baggage carried in the cargo area, the hand baggage taken into the cabin also differs according to the ticket class. While the hand baggage allowance of those who will travel in economy class is 10 kilograms, Business class passengers have the right to board the plane with 15 kilograms of hand luggage. In cases where the baggage allowance determined by the company is not sufficient, passengers may have the right to take additional baggage by paying an extra fee. Extra baggage allowances differ depending on the weight of the baggage to be taken and the country to be flown.

Does the Company Provide Food and Beverage During the Journey?

People who buy Aeroflot flight tickets wonder whether they will encounter any treats from the company during their journey. The company offers different treats during the flight according to the duration of the journey and the ticket classes purchased by the passengers. First of all, meals and beverages are provided free of charge on the flights of the company. In addition to the food and beverage service, snacks are served according to the ticket class of the passengers.

Passengers in the economy class are offered different snacks for the passengers in the business class. In addition, in cases where the journey will take too long, the company also increases the number of free treats. It is aimed for the passengers to have a pleasant time during the journey to Musa. 

About Aeroflot
Head Office:Moscow
Year of foundation:1923
Airplane Count:255
Flying Point Count:130
Flying Country Count:-
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