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By purchasing a Ryanair flight ticket, you can join flights to many destinations around the world. Based in Ireland, this airline company draws attention with its large aircraft fleet and more than 200 flight destinations around the world. You can fly to more than 200 cities in the world in a pleasant and comfortable way thanks to the tickets purchased from this airline company, which has been in air transportation for many years. Since the company is experienced in the aviation sector, it does its best to provide customer satisfaction with its friendly staff and employees who are experts in their fields.

About Ryanair

Before proceeding with the Ryanair flight ticket purchase process, it is useful to have more detailed information about the company. Established in Dublin, Ireland, this airline has been serving since 28 November 1934. The company draws attention with its discounted and affordable tickets, especially on its flights around the world. Based in Ireland, this airline is headquartered in Dublin airport. Just yesterday, in addition to the airport, it is possible to come across offices of the company in important tourism cities of the world. This company, which has been in service since 1984, has 412 aircraft in its fleet. Thanks to this aircraft fleet, the company flies to 225 cities around the world.

Ryanair Frequently Asked Questions

Does the company offer refreshments to its passengers during the journey?

The company does not offer any treats for passengers to fill their stomachs and quench their thirst during the journey. Persons who want to drink water or eat something pathetic during the trip have to pay an extra fee. In order to taste these dishes in the company's menu, passengers pay minus and fees depending on the type of food they will buy. You can have alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for the price you pay on the journeys offered by the company as food.

How is the selection of seats purchased?

Passengers also wonder how to choose seats for the tickets bought from the company. The company charges passengers an extra fee for seat selection. Especially people who want to sit in more spacious and more technology seats may have to pay more extra fees. Since seat selection is not allowed during the online check-in process, passengers have the opportunity to sit in the seat they want in the order they board the planes.

Do I have to pay an extra ticketing service fee for the tickets bought from the company?

Some companies charge a fee under the heading of ticketing service fee from the plane tickets purchased. It varies according to the distance to be traveled and the date of the flight. This money, which can be called an extra burden for the passengers, may cause the tickets purchased by the passengers to become more expensive. However, Ryanair company does not charge any ticketing service fee from its passengers.

Does the company allow extra baggage allowance to its passengers?

People who have benefited from the Ryanair flight ticket purchase process are wondering about the baggage rights offered by the company. The company has granted one hand luggage right that its passengers can only use in the cabin. This hand luggage, which is limited to 8 kilograms, may not be enough for passengers. Persons who want to get extra baggage allowance can fill out the form on the company's website and then be entitled to additional baggage for an extra fee to be paid. The company offers its passengers the right to take up to 20 kilograms of additional baggage, provided that they pay an extra fee.

Where is it possible to fly from Turkey with plane tickets bought from the company?

People who buy a Ryanair flight ticket wonder if they can fly from Turkey to different parts of the world. Thanks to the plane ticket purchased from the company, it is possible to fly from Turkey to many destinations in the world in a pleasant and comfortable way. The company makes it possible to reach many European cities, especially thanks to the flights it carries out from Dalaman Airport. Thanks to the tickets to be purchased from Bodrum Airport in addition to Dalaman Airport, it is possible to fly to many destinations offered by the company. It is possible to fly directly between Bodrum and Dublin on flights from Turkey. In addition, with the tickets purchased by the company, it can be opened to many cities from Dalaman to Dublin, from Dublin to Bratislava in a pleasant and comfortable way.

About Ryanair
Head Office:Dublin
Year of foundation:1985
Airplane Count:412
Flying Point Count:225
Flying Country Count:-
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