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Özen Turizm is a company that has made a name for itself in the sector and continues to offer better quality and passenger-oriented developments every day. The company, which has adopted a friendly policy, carries out passenger transportation with high technology vehicles, all documents approved by the relevant institutions. The seats in the vehicles owned by the company can be completely shaped according to preferences. In addition, passengers can easily obtain tickets for all the cities and districts they want to go to.

Ozen Tourism Bus Ticket

People who want to make their journey by purchasing Özen Turizm bus tickets can easily obtain their tickets. Özen Turizm company sells tickets at both Aşti and Kırıkkale bus stations. Those who do not want to buy tickets through the bus station can easily complete their online Özen Turizm bus ticket purchase.

About Ozen Tourism

Özen Tourism, with its years of knowledge and experience, is always able to satisfy its passengers. In this way, it meets all travel needs by organizing flights to more provinces and districts every day. Opportunities that turn all journeys into pleasure are also being developed day by day and all personnel are carefully selected.

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Özen Turizm has been providing bus management services since 1974. The company, which dates back to ancient times in terms of both passenger and freight transportation, was originally established in 1956 and the management of the company is undertaken by Nedim Yurdakul. The management of the company, which started passenger transportation between Kırıkkale and Ankara cities, is now being undertaken by second generation representatives.

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Hot drinks such as coffee and tea are offered to passengers in the vehicles in the rich vehicle fleet of Özen Turizm. In addition, cold soft drinks, cakes, biscuits and various snacks are also offered to passengers.

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