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To make a touristic trip to a city in the Southern Marmara, a Balikesir bus ticket must be purchased. You can see that different cultures live together in this city, which has a coast on both the Marmara Sea and the Aegean Sea. In the past; It is a city under the rule of Rome, Byzantium, Seljuk, Karesi Principality and finally Ottoman. It has a very favorable geography for tourism, agriculture and livestock sectors.

Making a name for itself with its different flavors, Balıkesir is also very famous for its cologne. The holiday towns in this city, which has a lot of visitors in the summer months, are famous. It begins to be the choice of those who go with the sea and beaches. It has a climate suitable for traveling in all seasons, people who plan a historical and cultural trip can come whenever they want. Since it is home to many different civilizations, it is a city where historical buildings and artifacts are exhibited.

Kaz Mountains National Park

Kaz Mountains have three different peaks. The highest peak of the mountain is Karataş Hill, which is 1774 meters. Kaz Mountains National Park is a park with a nature theme. It is named after the Kaz Mountains, which form the border between two different regions. Access to the park, which has a very large area, is quite easy. In this area with picnic and camping opportunities, it allows you to spend peaceful times in touch with nature. It is one of the attractions that attracts foreign tourists. It is possible to visit this park, which is open every day, between certain hours.


The best recommendation that can be given to people who are doing research on places to visit in Balıkesir is Ayvalık. Ayvalık, which is indispensable for summer holidays, is a favorite of both domestic and foreign tourists. With its impressive nature and unique atmosphere, it is a place that you can't get enough of. The Ayvalık Archipelago, consisting of 24 different small islands, is located around the town. It can be quite enjoyable to visit the places that still have historical structures on them today. You can eat delicious meals in Ayvalık, where fishing is common. Compared to other holiday destinations in Turkey, it offers the opportunity to spend a holiday at more affordable prices.

Located on the pine forest areas, the Devil's Table is one of the must-see places. It has a structure that will fascinate everyone who sees it with its natural beauty. The Devil's Table, which is a lava cone, is likened to the local, round dinner tables found in the region. The record found in an iron cage is believed to be the footprint of the devil. Legendary stories aside, watching the sunset in this region can be a very enjoyable experience.

Cunda Island

Cunda Island is one of the places that fascinates visitors with its nature and is very popular in Turkey. Getting from the island to Ayvalık is quite easy, there is a passage for vehicles. It is one of the islands that is very busy especially in the summer season. It has a nature dominated by stone buildings, people who like neo-classical styles should definitely visit Cunda Island. You can have a pleasant time in restaurants that offer very delicious meals and appetizers with seafood. Cunda Island is one of the must-see places in Balikesir.

Antandros Ancient City

It is an ancient city whose existence was not known until about 17 years ago. While the known traces of the city of Antandros were fragments of buildings found in olive groves and scattered, extraordinary findings were found thanks to the researchers. As a result of these researches, one of the most beautiful historical places has joined Balıkesir. Especially the mosaic floor and the walls decorated with frescoes are worth seeing. The Roman House, where these details are located, has been one of the places that attracted a lot of attention recently. It is a place that can be reached by vehicles found thanks to Balıkesir Bus Station.

Kyzikos Ancient City

It is still possible to see historical ruins in the ancient city located on the Kapıdağ Peninsula. The settlement in this region started in the Neolithic Age and continued until the Chalcolithic Age. The city takes its name from King Kyzikos, as the capital of the region, it became the capital of trade. The earthquakes in the city area have had quite devastating effects. After the earthquake in 1063, the city was completely destroyed. The great earthquakes experienced severely damaged the Kyzikos Amphitheater and important structures. After the earthquakes, the city of Kyzikos was completely evacuated. This city, which is quite famous in history with the preservation of the ruins in some way, must be seen.

Balikesir Clock Tower

The clock tower, which is located in the center of Balıkesir and has become one of its symbols, is located in the municipality park. It is a tower built by the order of the Governor of Silistra, Crete-i Zade Mehmet Pasha. It is very similar to the Galata Tower architecturally, it was damaged by the earthquake in 1897 and was rebuilt. It is a historical building in the center of the city with its domed mansion at the top. There are clock dials on each face of the tower.

Kuva-yi Milliye Museum

A thousand built as a mansion house has the moon. The mansion, which was damaged during the War of Independence and turned into ruins, was later restored as a museum. You can go on a journey in history in this museum where the heroes of the War of Independence are featured. There is an area where photographs of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's Balikesir visits are exhibited. Before buying a Balikesir bus ticket, do not forget to add this museum to your list in your search for places to visit. On the second floor of the museum, the artifacts found in the archaeological excavations in the Balıkesir region are exhibited.

Zagnos Pasha Mosque and Complex

Zagnos Pasha Mosque and Complex was built in 1461 and preserves its original structure. The parts that were damaged again after the earthquake were restored later. The mosque, which has Ottoman architecture, was built by Armenian and Greek masters. It is possible to see tulip and flower embroideries in the dome. The mosque, designed in Baroque style, has a very impressive architecture with its stone wall structures. It should be seen among the places to visit in Balikesir, because it is one of the symbols of the city. One should not return without visiting the complex, where the baths and tombs are located.

Manyas Bird Lake

It is one of the places that should be seen by everyone who wants to be intertwined with nature during their visit to Balıkesir. Manyas Bird Lake, a natural paradise, has been declared a national park. You can enjoy the fresh air with the vegetation dominated by willow and tamarisk trees. The lake is the habitat of more than 20 fish species, frogs and lobsters. Around 246 different bird species come to visit this location, which is frequented by migratory birds. You can learn about birds and the park in the museum located around Manyas Bird Lake.

Değirmen Boğazı Nature Park

The park, where there are different kinds of trees, has a very peaceful environment. It is one of the natural beauties in Balikesir that must be seen. Değirmen Boğazı Nature Park is located between two hills. You can stop by to take a pleasant break from your trip and be in nature.

On the way back to Balıkesir Bus Station, you can decide to come again for this city that you can't get enough of. It can provide you with a very pleasant time with its natural beauties and historical structures. You can enjoy the unique atmosphere of Balıkesir while you take a cultural tour by seeing the heritages from different civilizations. With its many holiday settlements, it is a city that welcomes many tourists, especially in the summer months. The city, which attracts the attention of visitors due to its geography, can impress you with its unique flavors. You can have a different experience by adding the vast olive groves to your tour. To prepare a list of places to visit before coming to Balıkesir; it allows you to visit without missing any place.

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