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Balıkesir Turizm

Balıkesir Tourism, the land transportation company where you will have the chance to travel with a bus ticket, has been in service since March 21, 1997. It has completed its organization with its professional staff and thus managed to make a name for itself in a short time. In the years when it started its services, it carried out road passenger transportation between the Southern Marmara provinces. Balıkesir Tourism, which carries out all its investments with its own capital, has achieved significant success in establishing a management and quality system.

About the Company

Today, the transportation company, which has a professional staff of more than 100 employees, serves 13 different terminals. Balıkesir Tourism, which attracts attention with the slogan "Time-Respectful Management", always improves itself in order to provide good service.

The passenger transportation company, which has managed to keep up with the changing demands of its customers, now operates flights to many different destinations. The passenger transport company considers the quality of its personnel to be very important to stay ahead. It periodically organizes training on teamwork and quality awareness for its personnel serving in units such as stewardess, captain, assistant and public relations. Believing that coming together is a beginning and staying together is progress, Balıkesir Tourism works to improve its service quality.

Company Imprint

·         Title: Balıkesir Tourism

·         Address: Akıncılar, Public Transportation Center, 10010, Karesi/Balıkesir

·         Phone: 0 533 440 66 10

Vehicle Features

Balıkesir Tourism, which provides services in the field of passenger transportation, does not have a well-equipped vehicle fleet. It works to make travel opportunities much more successful. It has 2+1 and 2+2 vehicles. In addition, in-car refreshments make even long journeys much more enjoyable.

Thanks to Balıkesir Tourism bus ticket opportunities, comfortable and enjoyable journeys can be made to many parts of the country. Balıkesir Tourism, an unrivaled company in trust, comfort and technology, provides many different opportunities to its passengers.

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Year of foundation:1997
Bus Count:-
Head Office:Balıkesir
Founder:Emirhan Asar
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