Midyat Güneydoğu Seyahat Bus Ticket

Midyat Güneydoğu Seyahat

It is possible to have a comfortable journey by purchasing a Midyat Güney Seyahat bus ticket. The company was founded in 1977 by Erol Ertaş. The company, which has been in the sector for many years, has adopted an innovative policy since the moment it was founded. It is possible to reach many cities and districts of Turkey by choosing this company.

About Midyat Southeast Travel

Midyat Güney Seyahat was founded by Erol Ertaş in Mardin and started to serve. The company, which has been in the industry for many years, organizes flights to big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Among the cities to which the company operates flights are cities such as Gaziantep, Konya, Adana and Uşak. The company also organizes trips to the districts.

Midyat Southeast Travel Company Imprint

·         Title: Midyat Southeast Travel

·         Address: Ulucami Mah. Şahinler No:13/F Midyat/Mardin/Türkiye

·         Phone: 0482 462 15 30 0549 672 41 47

·         Website: https://www.midyatguneydogu.com/

Midyat Southeast Travel Vehicle Features

The company has 6 buses in its vehicle fleet. With the innovative approach adopted by the company, the vehicles in the fleet were selected as young vehicles. The average age of vehicles in the bus fleet is 5 years. Since the company also serves the districts, it has included many service vehicles in its vehicle fleet. It is possible to travel comfortably to many cities in Turkey with the vehicles in the company's fleet.

There are televisions and headphones in the vehicles. In addition, reading lamps are placed on each seat. The company aims to provide an enjoyable journey even on long journeys with these privileges offered to its customers.

The company has been serving in the sector for many years. This company, which is experienced in its field, has chosen its personnel among professionals. The company's staff are experienced in their fields and always approach their customers with a smile. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction and safety above all else.

Midyat Güney Seyahat bus tickets can be purchased from the company's agencies and online.

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Year of foundation:1977
Bus Count:6
Head Office:Mardin
Founder:Erol Ertaş
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