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Aegean Airlines

By purchasing an Aegean Airlines flight ticket, it is possible to fly with a company that has been serving in the airline industry for many years. Aegean Airlines is an airline company that has been operating since 1987. Although the company was founded in 1987, it started to operate its flights only after 12 years. With Aegean Airlines, which is one of the most popular airlines carrying the most passengers in Greece, it is possible to fly to many destinations in the world in a pleasant way. The head office of the company, which is headquartered in Greece, is located in Athens. In addition to Athens, the company has main offices in many Greek cities such as Thessaloniki and Crete. It is possible to fly to 20 different countries in a pleasant way by purchasing the plane tickets offered for sale within the company.

About Aegean Airlines

With Aegean Airlines flight ticket purchase, you can enjoy flights with one of the most experienced airline companies in Europe. The company is based in Athens and provides services in more than ten airports of Greece. The company has 49 passenger ages and thanks to these passenger planes, flights are carried out to more than 20 countries in the world. While there are flights to more than 20 countries in the world, it is possible to fly to more than 160 cities in these countries with pleasure thanks to the plane tickets purchased within the company.

How is the check-in process of Aegean Airlines flight tickets carried out?

People who buy Aegean Airlines flight tickets wonder how to check-in. The company's website or mobile application can be used to perform the chrc transactions of the plane tickets purchased by the company. In order to perform online check-in procedures, you can visit the company's website and online check-in can be performed in a short time from the check-in page on the website. Online check-in can be done from the company's website as well as from the mobile application. Whether online check-in is done from the website or from the mobile application, online check-in processes start 48 hours before the flight. Online check-in can be done up to half an hour before the journey. In addition to online check-in, check-in can be done easily at the airport.

How is the money refunded when the ticket purchased is requested to be cancelled?

You may have to cancel the tickets you have purchased with the Aegean Airlines flight ticket purchase process. In cases where you have to cancel the flight tickets you have bought from the company for various reasons, you can benefit from the refund offered by the company. The company will refund you the money for your flight ticket after various deductions are made depending on how many hours before the flight is cancelled. The refund of the flight ticket can be deposited directly into the account you bought the ticket, and those who do not want a refund can take advantage of the credit coupon.

What is the credit coupon among the rights offered to the passengers by the company?

Credit coupons are among the advantages offered to passengers by Aegean Airlines. Credit coupon is a type of coupon that can be preferred by people who do not want cash refunds in case of cancellation of the tickets purchased within the company. This type of coupon allows passengers to earn credit coupons up to 10% of their canceled tickets. These credit coupons received can be used by passengers for up to 18 months, and thus, it is possible to buy cheaper flight tickets.

Is it possible to get extra hand luggage on plane tickets bought from the company?

It is possible to take extra hand luggage on flights operated by the company. Passengers can purchase up to 23 kilograms of extra hand luggage, depending on the class of the flight ticket they have purchased.

How is the seat selection process of the plane tickets sold by the company carried out?

The seat selection process for the plane tickets purchased by the company can be done easily over the internet. For airline tickets purchased from the company, seat selection can be made during online check-in. Passengers can easily select a seat from any seat, except for the seats next to the emergency exit doors.

About Aegean Airlines
Head Office:Athens
Year of foundation:1987
Airplane Count:49
Flying Point Count:160
Flying Country Count:20
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