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By buying a flight ticket to Aksaray, you can discover one of the cutest cities in Central Anatolia. Aksaray is located in the middle Kızılırmak and is surrounded by provinces such as Nevşehir Niğde Konya Ankara Kırşehir. By visiting this city, which draws attention with its historical and natural beauties, you can take a pleasant stroll in one of the cutest cities of the Central Anatolia Region.

Information About Aksaray, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

You can visit Aksaray, which is the pearl of Central Anatolia, with the Aksaray flight ticket purchase process. Aksaray has existed as a district of Niğde for many years. In 1989, Aksaray, which was separated from Niğde, became a city. Located in the Cappadocia region, Aksaray is frequently visited by local and foreign tourists every year thanks to its natural beauties. Aksaray has a population of over 380 thousand.

The first point that people visiting Aksaray should see are the fairy chimneys and Selimiye cathedral. Fairy chimneys in the Güzelyurt district of Aksaray are the first natural beauty that people who want to see Aksaray should visit. Fairy chimneys are among the must-see spots, especially for those visiting Cappadocia. In addition to the fairy chimneys, Selime cathedral is another must-visit structure. Another important structure that should be seen during the Aksaray trip is the Güzelyurt houses. Güzelyurt houses are located in the Güzelyurt district of Aksaray and are 30 kilometers from the city center. Güzelyurt houses attract attention as they are houses where Greeks lived for many years. In the population exchange that took place after the War of Independence, the Greeks left their homes in Güzelyurt and moved to Greece. These houses are frequently visited today due to their historical structures. When the majority of Güzelyurt houses are used as boutique hotels, the most beautiful places where people who will visit Aksaray can stay are Güzelyurt houses. Another religious building that should be seen during the Aksaray trip is the Hyacinth Church. The Hyacinth Church was built in the 11th century and draws attention with its frescoes. The frescoes inside the church symbolize many religious events in history, such as the death of Mary. You can visit this church, which is 35 kilometers away from Aksaray city center, and examine the frescoes in the church.

Another important structure that should be visited during the Aksaray trip is Acemhöyük. Acemhöyük is located 18 kilometers from Aksaray city center. It is known that Acemhöyük dates back to the old Bronze Age. Since Acemhöyük hosted many civilizations, many objects from ornaments to bowls, from statues to seals were unearthed during the excavations carried out here. During the visit to Acemhöyük, it is possible to witness the history and examine the structure. Aksaray museum is among the must-see structures during the Aksaray trip. This museum, which was opened to the public in 1985, hosts many artifacts from the Roman and Byzantine periods. By visiting the Aksaray museum, it will be possible to examine the works of many periods. Those who want to explore the natural beauties during their Aksaray trip can visit Hasan Mountain. Hasan Mountain has a height of over 3200 meters.

It is possible to go hiking and take nature photos by visiting the mountain. People who visit Aksaray should definitely taste the flavors unique to the city. Since Aksaray is located in the Central Anatolia Region, foods prepared with wheat are at the forefront. Those who visit the city should definitely try the noodle noodles, couscous pilaf, onion, okra soup and carts. In addition, desserts such as katmer kalburabastı and kaygana can be eaten during the Aksaray trip.

How to Get to the Airport?

It is possible to visit the city by buying a flight ticket to Aksaray. However, since there is no Aksaray Airport, people who want to visit the city may prefer the airports close to Aksaray. Since Aksaray Airport does not exist, people who want to visit the city usually buy a plane ticket for Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport. People who buy a plane ticket for Nevşehir airport and land in Nevşehir can use buses to reach Aksaray from Nevşehir. In addition to buses, the shuttles at the airports can be used to travel between Nevşehir and Aksaray. Taxis can also be preferred to travel between the airport and Aksaray. Another means of transportation that people who want to reach Aksaray city center from the airport in Nevşehir can choose is rental cars. There is a distance of 74 kilometers between Aksaray city center and the Airport in Nevşehir. It is possible to overcome this distance in an hour and a half by using public transport or taxis.

Transportation to Aksaray

It is possible to reach Aksaray in a short time with the Aksaray flight ticket purchase process. Aksaray It is possible to reach the rail by air as well as by road. Road is generally preferred for transportation to Aksaray. It is possible to reach Aksaray in a pleasant and comfortable way by bus services from big cities. For the journey to Aksaray, private vehicles and rental cars can also be preferred. People who reach Aksaray city center wonder which means of transportation they can use to travel within the city. Buses and minibuses are generally used for transportation within Aksaray. In addition, minibuses can be used to provide transportation in the city at late times.

Airlines with Flights to Aksaray

• Turkish Airlines

• Pegasus Airlines

Which are the closest airports to Aksaray?

Nevşehir Cappadocia Airport ranks first among the closest airports to Aksaray. There is a distance of 74 kilometers between Nevşehir Cappadocia Airport and Aksaray city center. Another airport located close to Aksaray is Kayseri Airport. However, since Kayseri Airport is farther from Aksaray than Nevşehir Airport, people who will visit Aksaray do not prefer this airport too much.

In How Many Days Can You Visit Aksaray?

Aksaray is visited by thousands of people every year thanks to its historical and natural beauties. In order to explore the historical and natural beauties of the city, it is necessary to stay in the city for a minimum of two days.

Where can I stay during the Aksaray trip?

Visitors to the city during their Aksaray trip usually stay in hotels. Many 4-star and 5-star hotels in the city are ready for accommodation. In addition to hotels, hostels and apartments are other structures that people visiting Aksaray can choose to stay.

Which Vehicles Can Be Used for Urban Transportation in Aksaray?

Buses and minibuses are generally used in urban transportation in Aksaray. In addition, minibuses and taxis are among the other options used in urban transportation.

What are the products that people visiting Aksaray should taste?

Visitors to Aksaray can taste local delicacies such as couscous pilaf, stuffed manti, and pure soup.

Which products can be brought from Aksaray as gifts?

When Aksaray is mentioned, when carpet weaving comes to mind, people who visit the city can bring carpets as souvenirs. In addition to the carpet, products such as pillows or cushions are souvenirs that can be brought back from the Aksaray trip.

Is Aksaray Nightlife Lively?

Aksaray nightlife is quiet and calm. The majority of the people of the city spend time at home in the evening. The young population and university students in the city generally prefer the bars and cafes of the hotels to have fun at night.

Which Festivals Are Held in Aksaray?

In Aksaray, a kite festival is held in April, a science and spring festival in June, and a Taşpınar municipality cultural carpet festival in August. Those who bring these dates on their Aksaray trip can have a pleasant time at the festivals.

Which Museums Can Be Visited During the Aksaray Trip?

Aksaray museum is a must-visit museum during the Aksaray trip. It is possible to have detailed information about Aksaray history and culture by visiting this museum.

What are the Natural Beauties to See During the Aksaray Trip?

During the Aksaray trip, it is useful to visit natural beauties such as Ihlara valley, monastery valley, Hasan Mountain, Acıgöl salt lake.

Flight Information to Aksaray

Destination Airport: Cappadocia Airport

Destination Airport IATA Code: Nevşehir Cappadocia Airport (NAV)

Destination City Name: Aksaray

Serving Airlines: Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines

Popular Airline: Turkish Airlines

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