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By using Amasya flight ticket deals, you can make a unique trip to this city and reach this city in a practical and comfortable way. From time to time, transportation to Amasya is cheaper thanks to flight ticket deals. There are many important structures in the city of Amasya.

The history of the city of Amasya, located in the Central Black Sea region, dates back 7500 years, it is one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia. The city of Amasya, which has a population of 329,888, has a total of seven settlements, including its central districts. 40% of the total population lives in the city center. The remaining population mostly lives in Merzifon and Suluova and other regions. Since more and more tourists have come to Amasya in recent years, this city can be called one of the developing tourism regions of Anatolia.

Amasya, which was an important city throughout the historical ages, maintains this importance in the Republican period. Some of the plans made for the struggle in the founding period of the Republic were realized in Amasya. Mustafa Kemal and his friends held a congress here. The Amasya Circular, published on 22 June 1919, was declared to the whole world. Looking at the history of the name Amasya, it is seen that the first name of Amasya is mentioned as 'Hakmış' in Hittite inscriptions. This name was used until the Persians conquered Amasya.

In the Mithridatic Kingdom, this place was called 'Amasea'. The pronunciation of the name Amasia is very close to its current form. The geographer Strabo also said 'Amaseia' when talking about this city. The word Amaseia is a combination of the syllables 'Ama' and 'Ma' and this expression can mean 'Mother Goddess'. It means the city of the Mother Goddess Ma. In later years the word was used as 'Amasia' and changed little during the Roman period. From the Seljuk period, the city was called 'Amasya'. It is still called that way today.

Today, it is seen that the economy of Amasya is primarily based on agriculture, and finally on trade products and marble industry. Thanks to the increasing number of tourists in recent years, tourism has turned into a source of income in the city. The type of apple known as Amasya apple is the main source of agriculture in the city. Apple is the most important agricultural product produced over the years and 10% of Turkey's apple production belongs to this city. Amasya, which was a city where many civilizations lived in the past, has become a historically and culturally rich place today. The historical and cultural diversity in Amasya is waiting to welcome new guests. Thanks to the Merzifon airport flight ticket, it is possible to visit the city in a practical and comfortable way.

When to go to Amasya?

Amasya, which has a transitional climate between the Black Sea climate and the continental climate seen in Central Anatolia, shows the characteristics of both climates from time to time. While the weather is dry and hot due to the continental climate in the summers in Amasya, the effects of the Black Sea climate are also seen. Winters are not as cold as in continental climate. While the average highest temperature of Amasya is 22.5 degrees Celsius in July and August, the lowest average temperature is experienced in January with 2.5 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature ever recorded was -20.4 degrees Celsius on February 23, 1985. The highest temperature ever recorded was 45 degrees Celsius on July 30, 2000. The effects of the Black Sea climate are seen in all seasons, but summer rains do not fall in Amasya. Even in summer, the temperature is usually 20-25 degrees. Therefore, the city of Amasya is an excellent place to visit.

The ideal time to visit is the summer period between June and September. From September to November, the temperature values ​​gradually decrease. During these months, the effect of rain increases. These months are one of the most ideal times for those who want to visit Amasya.

In Amasya, winters are cold and rainy. However, the heaviest precipitation is in the spring months such as April and May. It cannot be said that this period is ideal for visitors. For this reason, individuals who are especially sensitive to cold and rain should not visit Amasya during these months. Individuals who wonder the answer to the question of how many days it is necessary to stay here in order to visit Amasya, should make a holiday plan considering the weather conditions.

Places to Visit in Amasya

The city of Amasya, which has a history of 7500 years and has hosted many civilizations, has many alternatives in terms of tourism. There are must-see attractions in the surrounding cities, but the main tourist attractions are located in the city centre. The attractions in the city center give you quite a unique experience. Since the museums in the city are very close to each other, you can visit them in one day; however, if you are wondering how many days you need to stay here to visit Amasya, you should plan your trip in two days. In this way, you can both spend time here and visit museums easily. In addition to the 2-day excursion, we strongly recommend you to spare 1 day to explore the surroundings of Amasya.

King Rock Tombs

One of the historical symbols in Amasya is the King Rock Tombs. It is at the top of the list of places to see in Amasya. The Rock Tombs, located in the center of Amasya, are the first structures that catch the eye when it comes to the vicinity of the Green River.

The history of the city of Amasya, according to historians, dates back to 333 BC. It was the capital of the province of Pontus, which was here until 26 BC. The tombs of kings and prominent figures of the period were located here. There are 21 rock tombs of various sizes along the Green River. Among the tombs, the most impressive are the 'Great Royal Tombs' with a height of 15 meters and the three royal tombs immediately adjacent.

Those who want to see this huge tomb carved on the rock should pass through Yalı Sokak, which is located behind the entrance of the Yalıboyu House. However, it is possible to go to certain places by car. Then you have to climb the stairs. In 2015, the King Rock tombs found here were included in the temporary UNESCO World Heritage List. Therefore, this place is one of the most important historical places of Amasya. It is a place visited by many domestic and foreign tourists every year.


Ezine Pazar Han

Another building that must be on the list of places to see in Amasya is Ezine Pazar Inn. Other names of this historical building are 'İne Pazarı' and 'Sergeant Han'. It is located on the Tokat Amasya highway. It was built in 1238 upon the order of Melike Mahperi Hatun, the wife of Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat. Since it was repaired many times during the Ottoman period, it no longer carries Seljuk architectural features. This old structure, which is in a very dilapidated state, was restored by the General Directorate of Turkish Foundations in 2007 and opened to visitors.

Burmali Minaret Mosque

One of the most famous structures in Amasya is the Burmalı Minare Mosque, located in the Derekocacık district in the center of the city. According to the information in the inscription, it was built by Necmeddin Ferruh Bey, the vizier of the Seljuk Ruler Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev, and his brother Haznedar Yusuf. The minaret of the mosque, which was built in 1242, has a twisted tower. Thanks to Merzifon airport flight ticket deals, you can also visit this mosque.

Amasya Harşena Castle

Amasya Castle, which is thought to have been built in the 4th century BC, is located at a point that dominates the city. According to rumors, the famous geographer Strabo lived here. It is not known exactly by whom and when the castle was built. The name of the castle on the hill of Harşena comes from where it is located. Traditional structures such as mosques and baths were built in the castle, which came under Seljuk rule in 1146. During the Ottoman Empire, the princes were educated in this castle for 150 years and the assistants of the princes lived here. Amasya Castle allows visitors to have a bird's-eye view of the city. It is referred to as a popular place by many individuals as it is a place that offers the opportunity to enjoy this magnificent view.

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