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Amsterdam is the capital and most populous city of the Netherlands. Every year, many local and foreign tourists come to Amsterdam, which has a colorful image, fascinating tulip gardens, and cultural richness with nostalgic windmills. There is one airport in the city called Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. You can reach the city center by bus from this structure, which is one of the largest airports in the world.

Places to Visit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, one of the many popular tourist destinations in the Netherlands, has water canals and many bridges that cover the city. Visitors experience an unforgettable holiday here. You can have a fun time thanks to the museums, galleries, parks, boutiques, and popular markets that have the historical symbols of the city. You can buy wooden shoes, porcelain, and ceramic items, which are symbols of the city, as gifts for yourself or your loved ones, and taste the famous cheeses.

Amsterdam Water Canals

Amsterdam is a city of water canals, with about 200 canals connected to each other from different places. In this respect it is similar to Venice. Romantic but simple and in harmony with the texture of the city, the water channels are a wonderful sight for tourists from all over the world. These water channels, where you can take a walk or take a boat tour, are among the must-see places in Amsterdam.

Dam Square

Dam Square, one of the most crowded places, attracts tourists as it is a popular and lively place. Although this is not the only square in the city, it has become popular because it is located in the center. There are many hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping centers, boutiques, and shops around Dam Square. You can take a walk in the square, spend time in the boutiques and shops, and relax with a meal at the restaurants.


The largest museum in Amsterdam, the Rijksmuseum is not only the most famous museum in Amsterdam but also in the Netherlands. In this cultural museum, which has a unique and impressive collection, the modern art works section has many sections such as the section where the works of the Dutch are exhibited.

Van Gogh Museum

A large number of local and foreign tourists come to the Van Gogh Museum, which is one of the famous museums not only in Amsterdam but all over the world. The Van Gogh Museum, located in the Museum Square, displays information about the works, working techniques, sketches, and life of the famous painter Van Gogh. The Van Gogh Museum, which you can visit by purchasing a flight ticket to Amsterdam, offers a different cultural experience to the visitors.

Red Light District

The name of the Red Light District, which is one of the world-famous places, takes its name from the red rooms and shops that stretch from the train station in the center to Dam Square. There are entertainments for adults in the Red Light District, which is an unusual place that attracts the attention of tourists. This area, which is more crowded, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, attracts a lot of attention.


Vondelpark, the most famous park in the city and the largest in the country, is a popular place for local and foreign tourists who want to be in touch with nature in Amsterdam. Numerous activities are organized for visitors. There are hotels in the vicinity where you can stay in Amsterdam. You can enjoy your holiday by cycling, skating, walking, taking pictures, or lying on the grass in this park. In addition, free concerts are often held in the park.

Anne Frank's House

Anne Frank's House, which has a dramatic place in the history of the Netherlands, is among the places that tourists love to go. This house, which belonged to Anne Frank, who escaped from the Nazi occupation and hid in this house, was later turned into a museum. Visitors who want to feel the horror of war often come here.


The Jordaan, the most famous district of Amsterdam, is located in the center. This place, which is an easily accessible area due to its location, is the oldest tourist attraction in Amsterdam. It is important not only because of its location but also because it was a district built by the state in the 17th century to meet the housing needs of the immigrant and working classes. It offers the chance to look at the socio-cultural diversity of Amsterdam from a different perspective. For this reason, it is one of the places that come to mind when it comes to places to visit in Amsterdam.


Visited because it is a quiet, calm, and peaceful place, Begijnhof is a place for those who want to get out of Amsterdam's vibrant energy and relax. The guests who encounter silence when entering the courtyard feel like they have entered another world with the old architectural structures in the city. It is believed that the sisters of the Brethren accomplished their work by staying here.

Amsterdam Flower Market

There are colorful and fascinating flowers in the Amsterdam Flower Market, called Bloenmenmarkt. The florists you visit in the Netherlands, which is famous for its tulip gardens, will allow you to have an unforgettable experience. The market, which draws attention with its establishment on water, has been in service since 1862. The Amsterdam Flower Market, which attracts millions of local and foreign tourists, hosts tourists throughout all four seasons.

Heineken Experience

You can make your Amsterdam holiday interesting by visiting the brewery of Heineken, one of the top three brands in the world in beer production. There is something interactive and fun on the beer tour held in the old factory. The company's success story and history are told on the tour, which is accompanied by a guide. The breweries are introduced to the visitors. You can join this tour by purchasing your ticket with Netherlands flight ticket deals.

Artis Royal Zoo

One of the favorite places, especially for families with children, Artis Royal Zoo attracts more than 15 million visitors a year. The most important feature that distinguishes this place from others is the very sensitive treatment of animals. The animals staying here are cared for in very good conditions. Thanks to this feature, Artis Royal Zoo, which received full marks from animal lovers, has been serving as the first zoo in the Netherlands since 1838.

Royal Palace

Although the Royal Palace, one of the 3 palaces whose construction was started by Jacob Van Campen in 1648, was intended to be used as the city hall, it was converted into a palace in 1808. With its location in the middle of the city and its magnificent appearance, it has interior decoration that is admired by both local and foreign tourists.
The chandeliers, furniture, clocks, carpets, and armchairs in this historical building give visitors a different atmosphere. The Royal Palace, where various sculptures and works of famous artists are exhibited, is one of the most beautiful structures in the world.

Rembrandt House Museum

A great destination for those interested in art history and artists, the Rembrandt House Museum is the house of 17th century Painter Rembrandt that has been converted into a museum. Opened to visitors in 1909, this museum is important because it is the artist's own home. There are hotels to stay in Amsterdam near the museum, where you can enter the painter's world and examine the details of his art and life.

NEMO (New Metropolis Museum)

Nemo, which at first glance was thought to be a green ship and has an eye-catching design, was built as a museum; but today it is used as a science center. The interior of the museum, which attracts tourists interested in science, is as interesting as its exterior. This museum, which is ideal for visiting with children, organizes events at different times.


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