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You can discover Ardahan, the charming city of Eastern Anatolia, by buying an Ardahan flight ticket. Ardahan has an altitude of over 1800 meters and the city is surrounded by mountains. The natural beauties in the city ensure that Ardahan is visited by local and foreign tourists.

Information About Ardahan, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

With the Ardahan flight ticket purchase process, you can explore the historical and natural beauties in Ardahan. Ardahan is 75 provinces of Turkey. Ardahan, which left Kars in 1992, is a city where 100,000 people live today. This city, which has an altitude of over 1800 meters, draws attention with its mountain valleys. Ardahan has 5 districts and these districts attract attention with their natural beauties. Ardahan is home to impressive sights as it crosses the Kula river.

Ardahan is located in the Eastern Anatolia Region and is adjacent to Artvin Erzurum Kars provinces. Due to its location, Ardahan has hosted different civilizations for many years. Since the city is home to different civilizations, it also has many historical buildings and ruins. People who visit the city may prefer to go to the highlands for highland tourism after visiting the historical and natural places. The first stop of most of the people who visit Ardahan is Lake Çıldır. Çıldır lake is one of the most touristic areas of Ardahan and is frequently visited especially in winter months. Lake Çıldır is a lake where nearly 20 fish species live. It is also possible to come across many bird species around the lake. The main purpose of visiting Lake Çıldır is to take sleigh rides on the frozen lake in winter. Lake Çıldır resembles a ski resort with its impressive view during the winter months.

Since the whole lake is frozen, it is possible to take a ride on sleighs and fish from the lake by breaking some parts of the ice. Ardahan Castle is the first place among the places that people who want to see historical places during their Ardahan trip can visit. Ardahan castle is located in the city center and is located close to the Kula river. It is known that the history of the castle dates back to the old Bronze Age. Ardahan castle was built by Suleiman the Magnificent and was used for security purposes. The walls of the castle are over 700 meters and were built next to the Ardahan Castle so that it can be used for security in many towers. Its cute castle is located in the Hanak district of Ardahan. This castle is located in the valley formed by the Kula River and is visited both because it is a historical castle and because it hosts impressive views. Kalecik Castle is another must-visit point during your Ardahan trip.

Although this castle was built on a hard hill, the view you will watch when you reach the castle is worth it. People visiting Ardahan may want to visit the bastions in the city. The Ramadan bastion is located 5 kilometers from the city center and was built to be used in the Ottoman-Russian wars. It is possible to witness history by visiting this bastion. Apart from the Ramadan tab, the people's bastion, the Kötenelik Bastion, and the Senger Bastion are other bastions built during the Ottoman period that should be visited in Ardahan. During which series on the moon, Posof central mosque and dervish Bey mosque are religious places that must be visited. The city has recently started to be visited frequently, especially in highland tourism. People who visit Ardahan can stay in many plateaus such as Yalnızçam plateau and Okçuoğlu plateau. By staying in these plateaus, they can do winter sports and observe the animal ecosystem in the plateau. People who visit Ardahan should definitely taste the city-specific flavors. Helle soup comes to mind when Ardahan is mentioned. This soup is prepared using green lentils and ground beef. This soup, which draws attention with its unique taste, must be tasted during a trip to Ardahan. Another soup of Ardahan is evelik soup.

This soup, which is prepared with the evelik herb, is served together with green lentils. People who go to Ardahan are also recommended to eat buttermilk, kelocoş, Ardahan meatballs and bishi. In addition, the dishes prepared with khingel and goose meat, which are unique to the city, must be tasted during a trip to Ardahan.

How to Get to the Airport?

The number of people who want to visit the city by buying a flight ticket to Ardahan has increased considerably recently. The reason for this is that Ardahan has started to develop its ski resorts and highland tourism. People who want to visit Ardahan can buy a flight ticket for Kars Harakani Airport, which is the closest to the city, as there is no Ardahan Airport. Kars Harakani Airport is located 89 kilometers from Ardahan city center. Buses are preferred to travel between Kars Harakani Airport and Ardahan city center. Stay from Kars as there is no Ardahan Airport It is possible to reach the city center of Ardahan in an hour and a half by bus. In addition, it is often preferred in rental cars to reach the airport.

Transportation to Ardahan

It is possible to reach Ardahan in a short time with the purchase of Ardahan flight tickets. People who want to visit the city using an airline land at Kars Harakani airport. To visit the city, you can use both air and land. There are expeditions to Ardahan at all hours of the day, especially from big cities. It is possible to reach Ardahan by road by buying a bus ticket. Another option that can be preferred for transportation to Ardahan is the railway. Although there is no direct railway service to Ardahan, after reaching Kars with the Eastern Express, you can go to Ardahan by buses. After reaching Ardahan, buses and minibuses are often preferred for urban transportation and then urban transportation. You can visit the historical and natural places in the city by bus, as well as travel to the districts of Ardahan. Another public transportation vehicle that can be used in Ardahan city transportation is minibuses. You can take a tour in the city center of Ardahan by minibuses or set out for different districts of the city.

Airlines with Flights to Ardahan

People who want to reach Ardahan by air land at the airport in Kars. After getting off in Kars, it is possible to reach Ardahan city center by road or rental cars. The airlines that can be preferred to reach Kars and therefore Ardahan can be listed as follows:

• Turkish Airlines

• Anadolujet

• Pegasus Airlines

• Sunexpress

• Lufthansa

In Which Region Is Ardahan Located?

Ardahan is located in the Eastern Anatolia Region.

Which Vehicles Are Used in Urban Transportation in Ardahan?

Buses are generally used for urban transportation in Ardahan. In addition to buses, minibuses, taxis and rental cars are the means of transportation that can be preferred both in the city and when traveling to the districts of the city.

When to Visit Ardahan?

Ardahan is a city with a continental climate. For this reason, the city is covered with snow for most of the year. People who want to explore the historical and natural beauties of the city can visit the city in summer. However, those who want to ski and ride sleighs on Lake Çıldır should visit the city during the winter months.

What can be brought to buy souvenirs from Ardahan?

Among the items that can be brought as gifts from Ardahan are usually milk and dairy products. Visitors to Ardahan can bring natural products such as cheddar cheese or honey as gifts.

Is Ardahan Nightlife Lively?

Ardahan nightlife is quite calm. City people generally prefer to spend time at home in the evenings. For this reason, those who visit the city can spend time in cafes in the city when they want to go out at night.

Which Festivals Are Held in the City?

During your visit to Ardahan, you have the chance to attend various events and festivals held in the city. Among the festivities held in Ardahan, the lover festival held in February, the Ardahan honey festival held in August and the Göle national kashar festival held in July can be shown. In addition, the Çıldır lake festival in July and the kite festival in June are among the festivals held in Ardahan.

In How Many Days Can You Visit The City On Average?

In order to discover the historical and natural beauties in Ardahan, it is necessary to stay in the city for at least two days. However, those who want to visit the highlands in the city should stay in the city for a minimum of 3 days.

Which is the Most Developed District of Ardahan?

The most developed district of Ardahan is the central district. While the biggest district of the city is Göle district, the most populous district is Göle district.

What Activities Can Be Done During Ardahan Trip?

People who visit Ardahan can first explore the historical and natural beauties of the city. After visiting the touristic places in the city, people who visit the city in winter can do winter sports. In addition, it is possible to visit Çıldır Lake in winter and travel on the lake with sleighs and fish from the lake. In addition, people who visit Ardahan have the chance to go camping and see the natural ecosystem up close by climbing the highlands in the city.

Which river flows through Ardahan?

The Kula river passes through Ardahan. In addition to the Kula River, there is also Çıldır Lake in the city.

Flight Information to Ardahan

Destination Airport: Kars Harakani Airport

Destination Airport IATA Code: Kars Harakani Airport KYS

Destination City Name: Ardahan

Serving Airlines: Turkish Airlines

• Anadolujet

• Pegasus Airlines

• Sunexpress

• Lufthansa

Popular Airline: Turkish Airlines

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