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It is very important to get general information about Athens before flights to Athens. In this way, you can plan your Athens trip better and evaluate your Athens flight ticket options.

The location of Athens today has Neolithic significance. It is estimated that this area was considered suitable for the first settlement since it provides a natural protection on the hill where the Acropolis is located. Athens has a very small area compared to other major cities today. The city was once surrounded by walls and to the south was the Acropolis. Agora City Market is located 400 m north of Aktopolis. Agora ruins are located in Monastiraki today. On the west side of the ancient city of Phinks, ancient Athenians gathered and voted. Located on the top of the Acropolis and the most important temple in the city, the Parthenon, also known as the Temple of the Goddess Athena, is located. Other important temples such as the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Temple of Hephestus are among the places that tourists frequently visit.

The capital and largest city of Greece is Athens. Athens, one of the oldest cities in the world, has no connection with the sea. Thanks to the port city of Piraeus, which is now connected to the city of Athens, a sea and maritime trade connection was established. Piraeus is the most important commercial port in Greece. The city of Athens is a very important place for the history of civilization with its ruins from ancient times, especially philosophy and art.

Plato's Academy and Aristotle's Lyceum are located in Athens. Due to its contributions to world culture, Athens frequently communicated with Eastern civilizations during the Golden Age of Eastern civilizations. Modern Atia is a unique city that combines ancient, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman architecture and culture. Buildings from these periods are in harmony with each other in the city. Athens is the political, cultural and financial center of Greece. Although the city was shaken for a while due to the recent economic crisis in Greece, it has managed to restore its economy since 2012.

The central population of the city of Athens is 664,000. When calculated together with Piraeus and other regions, approximately 4 million people live in the city of Athens. On the other hand, the city of Athens is the fourth largest capital city in the European Union.

When to go to Athens?

Due to its geographical location, Greece has a temperate Mediterranean climate. While winters are cold and rainy, summers are hot and dry. Due to seasonal winds, summers are a bit cool. The winds called Aegean Breeze continue for several days between 8 am and 8 pm. This period in summer is short. From the second week of October to the last days of March, the weather is cold and rainy throughout the country. From April to October the weather is hot and dry. The coldest months of the year are January and February. During this period, the average temperature is 5-10 degrees Celsius in the coastal areas, while it is in the range of 0-5 degrees Celsius in the interior. In the spring and autumn, the weather is sunny from time to time and it rains for a short time. The hottest weather is in the last days of July and the first days of August. During this period, the temperature is in the range of 29 - 35 degrees Celsius. When looking at this information for traveling to Athens, it is seen that the most suitable period is autumn and spring.

Where to Stay in Athens?

If you are planning a trip to Athens, you have many accommodation alternatives for this amazing city. Athens hotels meet the expectations of visitors thanks to their location and alternatives that appeal to different budgets. If you want to go to Athens, you can choose among Athens hotels according to your wishes, needs and budget.

Places to Visit in Athens

Famous for its archaeological excavation sites and many important monuments, the city has a vibrant nightlife and sports centers. It is a developed place as a city of culture and art. You can have a great time among the historical and artistic works in the capital of Greece.


One of the most important structures in the city of Athens is the Parthenon. This place is located on the top of the Acropolis. Built in the 1st century BC, the building was dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena Partheos (Virgin Athena). The temple also represents the beginning of Doric architecture. The construction of the Parthenon building, which is the only Doric architecture in Greece that has been completed to date, took almost 15 years.

Although it has been damaged over the centuries, most of the sculptures have been destroyed, but the main skeleton of the building remains intact. Millions of local and foreign visitors come here every year. The birthplace of democracy, the Parthenon, two famous architects, Ictinus and Kallikrates, began constructing the building in 438 BC. The construction was completed shortly before the Panathenaic Feast.



National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum was built between 1866 and 1889. It is not only the largest archaeological museum for Greece but the best collection of Ancient Greek art in the world. Due to this feature, it attracts many tourists every year. Founded in the late 19th century, this museum exhibits antiques. It is a place that best reflects the history and artistic side of the country. The museum, which has two floors, has many works such as a prehistoric collection, a sculpture collection, a vase and trinket collection, and a metallurgical collection. With Greece flight ticket deals, you can come to the museum in the most ideal way.

Athens National Observatory

Located on the Nymph Hill of the historic Thissio district, directly opposite the city of Athens, the National Observatory of Athens is an attraction looking towards the Ancient Agora. The design of this observatory, which was established with the encouragement of the Greek Ambassador Georgios Synas, who was working in Vienna in 1842, belongs to the Danish Architect Theophil Hansen. The first telescope, the Dolidis Refractor, found in Greece in 1902, is located here. The Athens Observatory is the oldest research center in the Balkans and stands in the form of an X perfectly aligned to the four points on the horizon. Until the late 1960s, official times in Greece were determined by the Singrou Telescope. You should add this observatory, which must be among the must-see places in Athens, to your itinerary.

National Garden

The National Garden, one of the must-see places in Athens, is quite fascinating. It is located in the very center of Athens, between the famous Syntagma Square and the Kalymarmalo Stadium, and right next to the Greek Parliament. The National Garden promises to spend time with nature in the city center. Located in the middle of the busiest street, this place is a unique resting place away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The garden, which is one of the most visited places by tourists, is established on a total of 16 hectares of land. More than 500 plant species brought from Greece and other countries live in this excellent park.

Acropolis Museum

Opened in 2009, the Acropolis Museum is the most important museum in Greece. Located 300 meters below the Acropolis Hill, the museum has the most important collection of Athens. A total of 4000 valuable items are on display. Almost all of the works in the large and natural light exhibition were excavated from the ruins of Akrapolis. Thanks to the flight ticket deals to Greece, you can also visit the Acropolis Museum.


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