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This city, where you can arrive quickly and comfortably thanks to Aydın flight ticket deals, promises you a unique travel experience. There are many historical and cultural buildings in this city, which you can reach thanks to an Aydın flight ticket.

Aydın is a city located in the Aegean Region and gets the attention of history lovers. Aydın is a popular tourist destination among travelers, with its sea, beach, and sun, such as Didim, Söke, and Kuşadası. The city of Aydın bordered by Manisa and İzmir to the north, Muğla to the south, Denizli to the east, and the Aegean Sea to the west, and the city has one of the most significant hot springs in Turkey. The city is not only archaeologically and ethnographically rich but also culturally rich, the climate always makes it possible to visit the city.

One of the city symbols of Aydın is Lake Bafa, and it offers a trip time in the natural place. More than a thousand people, some of are local and some of our foreign, come to Aydın’a natural places such as clean beaches, and old settlements and there are various accommodation places to stay in. Lake Bafa is one of the largest lakes in Turkey and is located nearly 90 km from the city center. Some of the parts of Lake Bafa are located in Muğla, as a border. There are Labada Mountains to the South of the lake and Beşparmak Mountains to the northeast of the lake. This place is really proper for climbing since the short rocks are known as ‘kayalar’. Also, the place is recommended by us for those who love watching different bird species.

In the city, one of the most recommended places to visitors is Kuşadası town, which had more popularity than Alaçatı town and Bodrum town in the past. Kuşadası is a really famous place full of hotels which are less expensive than the ones in the city center. There are different kinds of accommodation options here from boutique hotels to ultra-luxury hotels. Turkey’s most luxurious and largest hotels are located in this city. If you like to visit that place, you ought to visit Ladies Beach first, and then, Sevgi Beach and Güvercin Ada. You can travel to places that are close to Şirince, Meryem Ana House, Yedi Uyurlar (Seven Sleepers), Selçuk, and Efes Antik Kenti (Ephesus Ancient City). In the city, the most attractive place for visitors in terms of sea, beach, and sun in Aydın is Didim town which is located nearly 100 km away from the city center. You can reach this town almost in 1,5 hours by getting on a bus or minibus which starts from the city center. In the summers there are funny festivals, funny events, bars, clubs, and serving live music cafés which are open 24/7 hours. You should spend at least 1 to 2 days visiting different places in Didim which includes the Temple of Apollo which has existed since the 8th century. You can visit all the places that we mentioned about by purchasing an Aydın Çıldır Airport flight ticket.

When to go to Aydın?

Aydın city is usually a popular place for visitors in the summer. The tourist season starts in the middle of the springs and continues till the middle of the falls. The average weather temperature in April is 16 degree-Celcius. The may temperature increase to 20 degree-Celcius. The highest temperature was seen in June, July, and August. In October the temperature becomes approximately 18 degree-Celcius. In September this becomes 23 degree-Celcius and the weather condition gets colder gradually. The weather is not as cold as on the north side. On the other hand, in winter there are heavy rainy days which makes the place appropriate for visiting. Snowfall is a too rare condition in Aydın. Because the city has a high altitude and the city does not offer winter tourism.

However, the hot springs could be visited in the winter. The central places like Germencik, Davutlar, Sultanhisar, and Buharkent, there are facilities that are approved by the Turkish Health Ministry. In spite of these places are not located in the Aydın city center, also, sea tourism is very common in the districts of coastal. These places are recommended to join activities, especially in the summer. One can go camping, walk in natural places, swim, do water sports, and visit museums and historical places. Those who want to know the answer to the question of how many days are necessary to stay here to visit Aydın’s most recommended places should learn all the details so that have an ideal trip time.

Places to Visit in Aydın

Aydın is a city which has fertile lands and the location of the city is close to the sea this is important because a lot of civilizations are hosted here due to these qualifications. That’s why the place has carried plenty of historical value today. There are a lot of ancient cities, spring hotels, beaches, and natural places around Aydın. If one says visitors in Aydın, will have an amazing time here due to the aspect, they will not exaggerate. Those who wonder about the answer to the question of how many days it is necessary to stay here to visit Aydın should stay here for at least 3 days in order to explore every part of the city.

Aphrodisias Ancient City and Museum

In Aydın, there are some of the most significant Ancient cities. These places have an amazing deep history and they are one of the most impressive locations in Aydın. Karasu, which is one of the Ancient cities was founded in 1964 by the late celebrity photographer Alla Guller. The man had lost in the area and he noticed the ruins while he was passing through, accidentally. Thanks to Guller, who sent the pictures to The Times Magazine, this place get attention from all over the world. The temple in the location, which name is ‘Temple of Aphrodite’ was built in the 17th century and it was recognized by a ceremony held in her name. Nowadays, it gets the attention who visits the city.

Except this, the Ancient city’s value has been rising thanks to the contribution of world-wide-known archeologist Kenan Elim. The Temple of Aphrodite dates back 17th century, is located in Turkey, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city was included in the list in 1987. The most significant reason why the region was added to UNESCO’s list is that the city reflects Greco-Roman Architecture in the best way. It is also home to some of the best-protected stadiums in the world and they are recognized as one of the most unique Ancient Cities of Aphrodite.

Herakleia Ancient City

The Herakleia Ancient City was built in the 8th century, BC, and this place is one of the most significant historical monuments in the area and there Temple of Athena, has survived.

This place is located 39 km away from Milas, which comes from Heraclitus, one of the most significant myth symbols in the city. Aydın was conquered by the Persians, at first, and had ruled by the Carian Satraps Mausolus, Alexander until Seleucids. After that, it lost its power when the city was cut off from the sea in the 1st century BC. This ancient city is quieter than others in the area, yet it is one of the places that everyone must see. It was an ideal place to allow a monk's seclusion and it was unreachable. In total amount, 13 monasteries were built in the area. You can explore the Ancient City closer thanks to Aydın Çıldır Airport flight ticket deals.

Dilek Peninsula Büyük Menderes Delta National Park

One of the most substantial places to see in Aydın city is Büyük Menderes Delta National Park which is located on the Dilek Peninsula. This is one of the most exciting and absorbing natural places. This national park is installed on a place of 27,675 hectares. In this place, a wide variety of bird species, plant species and mammals live.

Remarkable views of Samos Island of Greece, Orkuldele Strait, Kuşadası, and Dilek Mountain can be seen from 3 observation towers in the national park. Some activities can be performed here, such as taking photos, fishing, bird watching, mountain bike tours, jeep safaris, horse safaris, ATV safaris, hiking, and swimming. You should not forget to add the Dilek Peninsula to your list of places to visit in Aydın. Do not forget to spend time in the lush nature, wonderful atmosphere, and unique view of this place. You can come to this park by checking the Aydın Çıldır airport flight ticket deals.

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