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The city of Barcelona, ​​where you can come with Spain flight ticket deals, is the largest city and capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia, located on the northeastern coast of Spain. Barcelona, ​​Spain's second most populous city, is the 5th largest metropolis in the European Union. The city has Barcelona International Airport. You can use the bus lines to go to the center from here.

Places to Visit in Barcelona

Barcelona, ​​the most lively city of Catalonia, is a place where many local and foreign tourists go every year, as it contains symbols of world cultural heritage. The traces of Gaudi, the pioneer of the Art Nouveau movement, can be seen in its architecture. The streets, which are arranged according to the cubic architectural order, offer a wonderful holiday pleasure to the travelers. It is possible to see open-air concerts, live festivals, and street performers in the city.

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia, one of the symbols of Barcelona, ​​is a basilica. The architect of the basilica, which is one of the most tourist-attracting structures in the city, is Antoni Gaudi. Unfortunately, this work of Gaudi, who died before he could complete his work, is a must-see in Barcelona, ​​even though it is unfinished.
Tourists who want to see this important work will see sections such as the Great Passion Gate, the Nativity Facade, the Burial Chamber, the Bell Towers, and the Spiral Stairs.
It has a capacity of 13000 people, it has 18 thin towers and the whole region is visible here due to its location. It has been under construction for 140 years. It is open to the public.

Park Guell

The architect of Park Güell, one of the most important works of the city, is Antoni Gaudi. This colorful park has an interesting architecture that gives joy to the guests. It is on the World Heritage list and the construction of the park was completed in 1914. Thousands of local and foreign tourists come to see this place every year due to its vibrant colors.
This place, which was designed primarily as a residential site, has been used as a public park since 1922. Inside the park, there is a terrace that offers panoramic views of the city and the sea, a playground, water parks, bridges, colorful ceramics, and the Gaudi Museum exhibiting Gaudi's works. You can come to Park Güell with Barcelona flight ticket deals, see the museum here and spend time in the green area. You can have a great coffee break in the coffee shops around.

La Rambla Street

This wide street from Catalonia Square to the port is ideal for walking and being in touch with city life. You can eat at the restaurants around and spend time in cafes. There are also many shops and souvenir boutiques on La Rambla Street. While walking around the square, you can check out the Font de Canaletes, Mercat de La Boqueria, Gran Teatre del Liceu and the Statue of Christopher Columbus.
Casa Mila, the second most valuable work designed by Gaudi, is a place where you can walk on Catalonia Square. This building, whose construction was completed in 1912, is a house designed for the famous businessman of the period, Pere Mila.
After its construction was completed, it was called the 'quarry' by the people because it received many criticisms. There are images of wavy sea and seaweed on the front. On the upper floor, there are models of Espai Gaudi's architectural drawings, photographs and designs.
Nou Camp Stadium and Barcelona FC Museum
One of the places on the list of places to visit in Barcelona are the Nou Camp Stadium and the Barcelona FC Museum. This symbolic place is the stadium of Barcelona Football Club, the unofficial national team of the Autonomous Region of Catalonia.
Built by Catalan Architect Francesc Mitjans, this building was built on an area of ​​55000 square meters in 3 years. It has a capacity of approximately 99000 people. One of the most important features of this 48 m high and 250 m long stadium is that it can be evacuated in just 5 minutes.
There are sections such as the tunnel, locker rooms, press tribune, and shower rooms, where the players go to the field.

Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo, one of the famous architectural structures of Gaudi, welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. The exterior of the building, which has a fascinating design and fascinates, has ceramic tiles in green, blue and ocher colors. It is one of the most beautiful structures of modern architecture with its windows resembling cave entrances and a wave-shaped roof. There are hotels nearby where you can stay in Barcelona.

Picasso Museum

More than 3500 works are exhibited in the Picasso Museum, which is the first museum opened for the Spanish painter Picasso. It has been accepting visitors since 1963. The works on display include not only Picasso's most famous paintings, but also his early works and sketches.

Mercat de La Boqueria

It is a large market where fresh vegetables and fruits grown around the city, farm products, meat, and fish varieties are sold. It is one of the most interesting venues located in the municipality of La Rambla. It is known that the history of this world-famous market dates back to 1217. There are classical market stalls, sweet and confectionery vendors, stalls where local dishes are made. By visiting this famous market, you can taste many flavors of Catalan cuisine and have an unforgettable holiday experience.

Barri Gothic (Gothic Quarter)

Barri Gotic, also known as the Gothic Quarter, has a history of 2000 years and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Barcelona. To come here, you can look at the flight ticket deals to Spain and come here to wander the narrow cobbled streets and explore the medieval world with its mysterious passages.
You can enjoy the time by watching the children playing football in the hidden places of the Gothic Quarter. You can take a coffee break in cafes with courtyards and terraces. You also have the opportunity to shop in places with small boutiques and listen to open-air concerts.


This 173 m high structure has beauties like Tibidabo Hill. Montjuic, where there are many places to spend a nice and pleasant time, is a place where very important historical events took place. There are many places to visit on this hill, which is used today and whose name comes from the old Jewish Cemetery. There are hotels nearby in Barcelona where you can stay, and this area offers visitors a pleasant holiday.

Poble Espanyol

Located on Montjuic Hill and serving as an open-air museum, this village was designed by Architect Josep Puig Cadafalch. This village, which is a large area of ​​42000 square meters, reflects the culture and lifestyle of the country with 116 different buildings in the Spanish Pavilion.

Barcelona Cathedral

Located in Barcelona's charming Gothic Quarter, this church is one of the largest and most impressive buildings in Spain. St. Barcelona Eulalia is buried in the cellar of this cathedral, which was built on the site of an old chapel, and this place is dedicated to her.
The walls of this building, which have a magnificent gothic style, are one of the most beautiful examples of Roman walls. The courtyard section is called 'Barcelona's most beautiful oasis' and has an enchanting beauty. Visitors can take the elevator to the roof section and look at the most beautiful view of Barcelona. To see this magnificent structure, you can check the Barcelona flight ticket deals and add a trip here to your plans.

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