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It is possible to visit one of Turkey's most beautiful cities by purchasing a flight ticket to Bartın. Bartın is located in the Black Sea Region and is one of the cities that attract attention with its natural beauties.

Information About Bartn, Places to Visit, What toi Eat?

It is possible to discover one of the most beautiful cities of the Black Sea by purchasing a flight ticket to Bartın. Bartın draws attention with its 60 km coastline. Among the neighbors of the city are Kastamonu Karabuk and Zonguldak. This city, which is built on an area of 2143 square kilometers, is visited by both domestic and foreign tourists with its natural beauties. A temperate maritime climate prevails in Bartın, so summers are hot while winters are quite cold.

In the city, which is under the influence of a temperate maritime climate, the air temperature seen on the coastline and the air temperatures seen in the interior are separated from each other. When Bartın is located in the Black Sea Region, the areas to be cultivated are very limited and fragmented. Therefore, mining developed in the city. Since Bartın has lived for many years under the domination of many civilizations, it is also possible to see many historical monuments in the city. Visitors to the city are recommended to explore the historical and natural beauties of the city. Uluyayla is the first place that people going to Bartın should visit. Uluyayla is a must-visit spot for those who want to hike and take impressive nature photos. It is also possible to rest your head during your Bartın trip by visiting this place where blue and green can be seen together. Another important place that people visiting Bartın should see is Direkli Rock. Direkli Kaya is located in the Amasra district of Bartın and has a length of 7 meters. Direct Rock, built by the sea, has been used for many years to illuminate the city.

Today, Deliklikaya is a spot that tourists usually visit to watch the view of Artvin and take natural photos. Kemerdere Bridge is another important structure that should be seen during a visit to Bartın. This Building has managed to become the symbol of the city and its history is thought to date back to the Roman Empire. People who visit Bartın should visit the Amasra castle and witness the most beautiful view of Bartın from here. People who discover natural beauties should also visit the museums and historical buildings in Bartın. It is possible to have more information about the history of Bartın and to examine the works of many civilizations by visiting the Amasra Museum during the Bartın trip.

Güzelce Hisar Bay is the must-visit spot for those who want to enjoy the sea during their Artvin trip. It is possible to both enjoy the sea and take impressive nature photos by visiting this bay. During the tour of Bartın, you can visit the tow truck bazaar, explore the local shops and buy handicrafts unique to Artvin. If there are people who want to swim during their visit, they can prefer beaches such as the big port, çakraz beach, Kapısuyu village beach. Those who visit the city should definitely taste the specialties of Bartın cuisine. Pum pum soup, zucchini and rice ravioli are the must-taste foods during your trip to Bartın.

How to Get to the Airport?

People looking for a flight ticket to Bartın wonder which airport is located in the city. However, there is no Bartın Airport. For this reason, people who want to visit the city can prefer Zonguldak Çaycuma Airport, which is the closest to Bartın. Zonguldak Çaycuma Airport is an airport with direct flights from major cities such as Istanbul Ankara Izmir. People who want to visit your head can buy a plane ticket to this airport as there is no Bartın Airport. Zonguldak Çaycuma Airport is 20 minutes away from Bartın city center. It is possible to choose minibuses to reach Bartın city center after getting off from the airport. It is possible to reach Bartın city center within 20 minutes by using the minibuses serving at the airport. Taxis and rental cars are among the means of transportation that can be preferred to travel between the airport and Bartın city center. People who prefer hotels to stay in Bartın can also choose the transfer vehicles allocated by the hotels in order to reach Bartın city center from Zonguldak Çaycuma Airport.

Transportation to Bartin

It is possible to reach the city by purchasing a flight ticket to Bartın. People who want to visit the city can land at Zonguldak Çaycuma Airport, which is the closest to Bartın. Highway can also be preferred to visit Bartın. It was possible to reach Bartın in a short time by bus services from big cities such as Ankara Istanbul Izmir at different times of the day. Since Bartın has a coastline of 60 kilometers, ships from many countries dock at the city's ports. It is possible to visit Bartın with the ships approaching the ports for touristic purposes as well as the commercial ships approaching the ports. People who visit Bartın can use buses, minibuses and taxis to get around the city. Is it possible to reach many points of Bartın thanks to the buses?

Airlines with Flights to Bartın

• Turkish Airlines

• SunExpress

When to Visit the City?

Bartın is located in the Black Sea Region. Since it is located in the Black Sea Region, precipitation is seen in the city in every period of the year. In the city, summers are usually not very hot, and winters are not too cold. Especially in the spring and autumn months, a lot of precipitation falls on the city. People who want to visit the city can consider visiting the city during the summer months if they want to avoid rainy periods. Those who visit Bartın in June, July and August can have the chance to wander around in cool weather and explore the historical and natural beauties of the city.

How Many Days Should You Stay in the City?

People who visit Bartın should stay in the city for at least 2 days in order to explore the historical and natural beauties of the city. People staying in the city can visit the historical places and museums in the city for 2 days while exploring the natural beauties on the first day. It is also recommended that they take time to taste the city-specific delicacies during their stay.

What are the Accommodation Options in Bartın?

Since Bartın is a small city, it is useful to research the hotels in the city to stay before visiting the city. People who want to visit this city, which attracts attention with its natural beauty, can choose the most suitable hotels among the hotels in Artvin and stay in the hotels during the trip. In addition to hotels, apartments and daily rental apartments can also be preferred to stay in the city.

What are the flavors that people visiting the city should taste?

Those who visit Bartın should definitely taste pum pum soup, zucchini burrito and rice ravioli.

Which Public Transport Vehicles Can Be Used in Urban Transportation?

Buses and followers can be preferred for urban transportation in Bartın. It is also possible to use minibuses to travel between the districts of Bartın.

What can be brought from the city as a gift?

Those who want to bring souvenirs to their family and friends during their visit to Bartın may prefer woven products sold in local shops. In addition, manuscripts and wooden products are among the souvenirs that can be brought from Bartın.

Is Bartin Nightlife Bustling?

Bartın is among the smallest and least populated cities in Turkey. For this reason, Bartın's nightlife is not very active and active. People who want to spend a pleasant night in Bartın can prefer cafes or restaurants in the city.

Which Festivals Are Held in the City?

If you are there, visitors may want to participate in the festivals held in the city. The festival named culture, art, tourism and strawberry festival in Bartın is the most known festival of Bartın. In this festival, held between the end of May and the beginning of June, flavors unique to Bartın are promoted. In addition, many festivals such as Bartın theater festival, Ulus Mountain festival and İnkumu summer festival are held in Bartın.

In Which Region Is Bartin Located?

Bartın is located in the Black Sea Region. In the Black Sea Region, it is located in the Western Black Sea region.

What is the Population of Bartın?

The population of Bartın was declared as 204,000 according to 2023 data. With a population of over 200 thousand, Bartın is one of the least populated provinces of Turkey.

Flight Information to Bartın

Destination Airport: Zonguldak Çaycuma Airport

Destination Airport IATA Code: Zonguldak Çaycuma Airport ONQ

Destination Name: Bartın

Serving Airlines

• Turkish Airlines

• SunExpress

Popular Airline

• Turkish Airlines

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