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You can easily go to the capital of Moldova by purchasing a flight ticket to Chisinau. This beautiful city hosts thousands of visitors every year and is one of the must-see places. If you want to have information and ideas about Chisinau, you can continue reading this article.

Information about Chisinau, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

Chisinau is known for being the capital of Moldova and we can say that it is an extremely small city in terms of surface area. The official language of the city of Chisinau is Romanian. This country, which is developed in the field of trade and industry, contains many natural beauties. Chisinau attracts great attention from tourists with its dynamic nightlife. You can also taste wines with unique flavors in this city, which is popular for its wine. One of the biggest features of Chisinau is that there are many parks and lakes in the city. It can be said that Chisinau satisfies the eyes of both locals and tourists with its natural beauties. Located in Eastern Europe, the city hosts thousands of tourists every year. Chisinau creates a vibrant image for its visitors with many festivals throughout the year. We can list these festivals as follows;

• Mortisor Festival

• Bitei Festival

• Nufaru Alb

• Gustar Festival

• New Wine Day

You can take part in these fun events by aligning your holiday plans with the dates of these festivals. There are many activities you can do in Chisinau other than festivals. If you want to come to this city and have an unforgettable holiday, there are many cultural buildings that you can visit and get information about the history of Moldova while visiting. We can say that one of these structures is Milestii Mici. Milestii Mici is known for being a wine cellar located in the town of the same name. Approximately 50 km of this area, which is 200 km in total, is open to visitors. To enter this gigantic garden with unique beauty, you need to pass through a large gate. You can enjoy the wine fountains waiting for you inside. Both red and white wine flows from the jugs inside the fountains.

When you come to Chisinau, a direct stop you can stop by is the Stefan Cel Mare Monument. This monument is located in a large park with the same name. This monument was built in the name of Moldova's unforgettable leader Stefan Cel Mare. Stefan manages to make a name for himself with the struggles he gave during the Cel Mare period. The monument is located right at the entrance of the park and welcomes its guests. You can get to know the culture of Chisinau and take photos by visiting this monument, which creates a visual feast decorated with colorful flowers.

It would not be wrong to say that Dendrarium Park welcomes thousands of tourists every year. This park is decorated with beautiful colorful flowers and covers an extremely large area. This park, which has a wonderful natural view, has fountains, playgrounds, places to do sports and a lake. If you want to escape from the crowds of the city and spend peaceful moments, you can choose this park.

We can say that the Pushkin Museum is the house of Pushkin, one of the pioneers of Russian Literature, turned into a museum. You can find many special items and memorabilia belonging to Pushkin in this museum. By visiting this museum, you can learn a lot about both Pushkin's life and Moldovan history. Entrance to the museum is permitted on certain days of the week and at certain hours.

Water Tower, which can be considered among the must-see places, is known as a structure founded by Alexander Bernardazzi. This building, which was actually a water tower, operates as a museum today. This museum also contains many historical and cultural items.

The Ethnography and Natural History Museum is known for being founded by Baron Stuart. In one part of the museum, plants from the country of Moldova are exhibited. In another section, traditional clothes and items belonging to the Moldovan people are exhibited. It wouldn't be wrong to say that this museum smells like Moldovan history. You can see all these unique beauties by searching for Chisinau flight tickets.

Of course, it is inevitable that you will get hungry during all these wanderings. You can taste these dishes to experience the unique taste of Moldova;

• Borş de burechiuşe

• Cabbage rolls

• Mamaliga

• Chiftele

• Tochitura

• Branza

How to Get to Chisinau Airport?

All flights depart from Chisinau International Airport, the country's only airport, only 13 km away from the centre. There is a direct flight to Chisinau International Airport via Istanbul. If you wish, you can also fly to Moldova via our cities Ankara and Izmir. Flights to Chisinau from Turkey take approximately 1-1.5 hours.

After completing your flight, you can easily transfer to the region where you are staying. After arriving in Chisinau, you can visit all historical places and parks, get information about the city, and taste traditional dishes with unique taste. You can make every moment immortal by taking many photos and videos during your holiday. In addition to being an economical country, Chisinau also provides great convenience to tourists with its urban transportation options.

Transportation to Chisinau

After landing at Chisinau International Airport, you have the opportunity to easily transfer to the city center. There are multiple means of transportation to get around the city. As a means of transportation, you can consider bus or trolleybus options. Optionally, you can also go to the city center directly by taxi. If you want to travel around the city, you can explore the city on foot. After settling into your hotel, you can start your trip with peace of mind to visit this beautiful city.

Airlines with Flights to Chisinau

After purchasing a flight ticket to Chisinau, visitors begin to research which airline they will use to go to Chisinau. Airlines that fly to Chisinau can be listed as follows;

• Turkish Airlines

• Lufthansa

• Pegasus


• Aegean Airlines

• Austrian

• AirEuropa

• Azerbaijan Airlines

• Polish Airlines


• AirSerbia

• HiSky

You can take the first step for your Chisinau holiday by choosing the most suitable one among these airline companies. Chisinau flight ticket options do not fail to attract guests' appreciation with their economical and comfortable features.

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Which country does Chisinau belong to?

The city of Chisinau is known as the capital of the Republic of Moldova.

Is Chisinau Nightlife Cheap?

Although Moldova is an extremely economical country, the cost of nightlife increases significantly, especially when tourists come.

What language is spoken in Chisinau?

The official language of the city of Chisinau is Romanian.

Is Chisinau Safe?

Chisinau is largely known for being a peaceful and safe city.

Does Chisinau Require a Visa?

The city of Chisinau does not require any visa for your travels and holidays.

Is Turkish Spoken in Moldova?

In Moldova, Turkish is taught both as a foreign language and as a native language.

How Many Years Does It Take to Obtain Moldovan Citizenship?

If you want to obtain citizenship for Moldova, it will be enough to wait between 6 and 9 months.

When to go to Chisinau?

It can be said that the best time to go to Chisinau is summer months, depending on the season and climatic conditions.

Which Alphabet is Used in Moldova?

It is known that Latin and Cyrillic alphabets are used in Moldova.

How many hours does it take between Moldova and Türkiye by plane?

To go to Moldova, you only need to fly for 1 hour from Turkey.

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