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You can explore Dublin by purchasing a Dublin flight ticket. Dublin is one of the cities worth visiting in the world with its natural beauties, architecture and colorful streets. Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is a city visited by people who are tired of traffic congestion and want to have a pleasant time both day and night.

Information about Dublin, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

It is possible to explore the colorful nights of Ireland by purchasing a flight ticket to Dublin. Dublin hosts millions of tourists every year because it is the capital of Ireland and is considered one of the safest cities in the world. This city, visited by tourists from different parts of the world, attracts attention with its colorful streets and architectural works. People visiting Dublin should spare at least 5 days to visit the city.

The first point that people who buy a flight ticket to Dublin should see in the city is the Guinnes Brewery. Since beers come to mind when Ireland is mentioned, the huge factory where these beers are produced should definitely be visited during your trip to Dublin. This place, which served as a factory until 1998, was converted into a museum in 2000. Thanks to this museum, named after the Guinness Brewery, it is possible to learn how wine is made and what herbs are used in making wine. Visitors to the museum can also taste many beers while enjoying the city view.

One of the important buildings that people who buy a flight ticket to Dublin should see is the National Museum of Ireland. The National Museum of Ireland was opened in 1857 and has attracted attention with its impressive architecture. Visitors to the museum can examine the remains of many species of animals in the museum. The National Museum of Ireland, also known as the Dead Zoo, has become one of the most visited spots in Dublin. People who visit this museum can examine the whale statues or insect remains in the museum. Since the museum is divided into many areas, it is possible to access archaeological artifacts and works of art within the museum. While artifacts from Irish history are exhibited in the archeology section of the museum, there are also many sections within the museum where artifacts from the life of the Irish are exhibited.

Trinity College is Ireland's oldest university. This university, which was opened in 1592, has survived to the present day. This university, which has made a name for itself with its impressive architecture, also attracts attention with its museum and library. People who visit the old library located in Trinity College can also examine historical books from different periods.

Dublin Castle is called the heart of the city and is a must-see for everyone visiting the city. This castle attracts attention with its impressive architecture and has also managed to attract visitors with its different areas such as its library and museum. Additionally, visitors to the castle can witness colorful moments by attending the annual festival held in the castle.

Temple Bar is a must-visit spot for people who want to see bars during their trip to Dublin. This spot is also called the bar area and hosts a variety of bars. Especially at night, the music from these bars fills the entire street, and people who want to have a pleasant time can easily enter one of these bars.

People visiting Dublin should not leave the city without tasting the local delicacies. Dublin cuisine includes flavors specific to Ireland, as well as many products influenced by French cuisine. Since Dublin is located on the seashore, it attracts attention with its fish and dishes made from fish. In addition, Cottage Pie, made using potatoes in the city, has become one of the favorite foods of tourists. People visiting the city can also taste delicacies such as soda bread and potato soup.

How to Get to the Airport?

Dublin Airport is the international airport preferred by people who want to visit the city. In order to have direct flights between Turkey and the capital of Ireland, you need to buy a flight ticket to this airport. Dublin Airport has become the most preferred airport for visits to Dublin and Ireland due to its location close to the city center. Since this airport is located approximately 10 kilometers from the city center, it is in an easily accessible location. This airport, visited by millions of tourists every year, is preferred because it offers direct flights from Turkey. It is possible to fly to Dublin in an average of 4.5 hours with direct flights from Istanbul. People landing at the airport can choose the public transportation networks around the airport to reach the city center.

Transportation to Dublin

To reach Dublin, air and road transportation may be preferred. person reaching the city People can use public transportation to travel within the city. Since Dublin is not a very large city, buses are generally used in the public transport network. You can comfortably reach many points of the city, especially the airport, by bus. Since there is a distance of 10 kilometers between the airport and the city center, this distance can be reached in a short time by buses. People who want to visit Dublin can also choose the train route. In Dublin, which can be visited by train from many points in Europe, the train line has an important place in urban transportation. Thanks to the train line, you can comfortably reach many points in the city.

Airlines with Flights to Dublin

• Turkish Airlines

• Lufthansa

•Air France


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Which Country Is Dublin Located On?

Dublin is located on the borders of Ireland and is the capital of this country.

How Much Budget Should You Allocate for a Visit to Dublin?

The budget for a visit to Dublin varies depending on when the city is visited. People who want to visit the city must purchase a round-trip flight ticket, pay a visa fee and have travel health insurance. In addition, local transportation fees must be paid, accommodation must be paid for, and a certain budget must be allocated for food. People who want to travel can travel more cost-effectively by staying or eating at places that suit their budget, after determining their budget.

When to Visit Dublin?

The best time to visit the city is the summer months. The city is quite hot in the summer months and hosts many festivals. March 17 will be a good alternative for a colorful trip. On March 17, St. Patriarch's day is celebrated and festivals are held in different streets of the city. Due to the use of green paint in these festivals, the entire city and streets are painted green.

Where to Shop in Dublin?

Temple Bar area is a region that can be visited by people who want to buy souvenirs. People who want to shop can visit this area when they want to buy souvenirs, while they can choose spots such as Dawson Street if they want to buy books or clothes.

What Festivals Are Held in Dublin?

Festivals held in the city include Dublin Theater Festival, Temple Bar Chocolate Festival and Electro Picnic Festival. Since these festivals lead to fun and colorful moments, the festival period can be preferred to visit the city.

What is the Official Currency of Dublin?

The official currency of Dublin is the Euro.

What Languages Are Spoken in Dublin?

Both English and Irish are spoken in the city.

What is the Time Difference Between Türkiye and Dublin?

There is a 2 hour difference between Türkiye and Dublin. Dublin is 2 hours behind Turkey.

How Many Days Should You Visit Dublin on Average?

To visit Dublin, a minimum 3-day visit should be planned.

Can Metro Be Used for Urban Transportation in Dublin?

Since Dublin is a small city, there is no metro line in the city.

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