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Eskişehir, Turkey's 25th most populated city, was designated as a metropolis municipality in 1993. The city has a population of 826,000 inhabitants, according to the most recent census statistics. Eskişehir, which spans an area of 13,925 square kilometers, has been inhabited since 4000 BC. It has been the home of civilizations dating back to the 14th century BC. The Hittite territory was inhabited by the Roman Empire, Phrygians, Lydians, Persians, and Macedonians. The earliest village was discovered in the 2nd century BC. After being captured by the Roman Empire, the city was ruled by Byzantium in the post-Roman era. In the territory acquired by the Anatolian Seljuks in 1074, many Crusades were fought. Anatolian Seljuk Turks awarded Eskişehir to Osman Gazi in 1289. The Karamanoullar seized the city during the Orhan Gazi era. Murad I, on the other hand, returned the province to Ottoman control.

The meteorological influences of the Marmara and Aegean areas are noticed in Eskişehir, which is adjacent to both regions, and the region receives an average of 393 mm of precipitation annually. In July and August, the average temperature is 21 degrees Celsius. The temperature falls below zero in January. Visitors are drawn to Eskişehir because of its historical and natural beauty. Sazova Park, which was developed over 400,000 square meters in 2008, has a 25,000 square meter pond, a little steam train, Noah's Ark, a scientific experiment museum, an arena, a zoo, and a concert space. Odunpazar homes, which draw both international and domestic visitors, are named after the location in which they are located, Odunpazar. This mansion, one of the outstanding specimens of Ottoman architectural style, is over 300 years old and welcomes tourists. The Porsuk River, one of Eskişehir's icons, is similar to Venice. You may also take a gondola trip along the Porsuk Waterway, the city's most lively river.

When to go to Eskişehir?

The weather in Eskişehir is severe continental. The city has extremely cold winters and extremely scorching summers. Because of its closeness to neighboring places, Eskişehir has a transitional climate. Eskişehir has considerable snowfall in December. The weather begins to warm up by the end of April, and the months of June, July, and August are perfect for exploring the city. From the beginning of the summer to the conclusion, evenings might be cool. Those who are wondering about the solution to the issue of how many days it takes to visit Eskişehir should pay close attention to the specifics. Individuals can better organize their clothing and vacation plans as a result of this.

Places to Visit in Eskisehir

Eskişehir has been home to various civilizations and cultures throughout history. As a result, there are several sites to visit in Eskişehir. The city's residents date back to the Antiquity era. There are remnants of the Ancient City, which contain various Phrygian archaeological sites and museums. The Porsuk River may be found practically anywhere in the city. The neighborhood surrounding the river is vibrant and great for passing the time. The university boosts mobility in the city. Those who are wondering how many days it takes to visit Eskişehir might plan on spending at least three days exploring the city. With the Eskişehir airport flight ticket options, you may travel to all of the specified locations and the nearby areas in comfort.

Odunpazari Historical Houses

The very first residences in Eskişehir were the Odunpazar Houses, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The area is famed for its Historical Odunpazar House, which is among the most exquisite specimens of Ottoman urban architecture. Eskişehir Odunpazar buildings are located on the hillsides to the south of the city and are renowned for its ancient mansions such as Karabük Safranbolu, Ankara Beypazar, and Bor Göynük. The importance of visiting Odunpazar stems from the fact that it is one of the city's icons. By that time, the city's original settlers began to wait by putting sheep livers in the Porsuk River and Odunpazar. Odunpazar's liver is shattered. As a result, this location was chosen as a community, and the Odunpazar journey started. Odunpazar has a lovely ambiance and is appealing to tourists due to its dead-end alleyways, meandering lanes, ornate wooden buildings, and bay windows on the sides. You cannot visit Eskişehir without viewing the old Odunpazar homes. If you're seeking the top locations to visit in Eskişehir, Odunpazar Historical Houses should be on your list. You may also simply get here with Eskişehir airport flight ticket offers.

Kurşunlu Mosque and Complex

Kurşunlu Mosque and Social Complex, with its 20 rooms, was utilized as a conference hall and soup kitchen in its early years. This location was afterward transformed into a Mevlevihane. The kulliye was shuttered after the Republic was declared due to the rule prohibiting the closing of lodges and zawiyas. Even though the mosque was designed by the finest Ottoman architect, Mimar Sinan, there is no proof that the caravanserai was designed by Mimar Sinan. Kurşunlu Mosque and Kurşunlu Complex, which is one of the city's icons, ought to appear on your list of sites to see in Eskişehir.

Two September Street

İki Eylül Caddesi (Avenue) is a bustling street in Eskişehir's city center. The tram runs from one end of the street to the other, stopping at the Porsuk River and the Island. İki Eylül Caddesi, which has two metro lines, is one of Eskişehir's major transit hubs and is bustling at all hours of the day. Ki Eylül Street is one of Eskişehir's top notable roads due to its restaurants, cafés, stores, and boutiques. The Tradesman's Palace, the city's first shopping center, is also located along the street.

Odunpazari Modern Museum

The Odunpazar Modern Museum is another must-see in Eskişehir. Since 2019, the Odunpazar Museum of Modern Art has shown works of contemporary and modern artwork from Turkey and throughout the world, as well as the ancient Odunpazar Houses.

The world-renowned Japanese architecture team Kengo Kuma Architects developed OMM, a modern art museum. Odunpazar Modern Art Museum has become one of Eskişehir's emblems due to its amazing architectural construction. The museum's ambitious structures are pretty outstanding, with purposes such as receiving art instruction and assuring the dissemination of culture and art on the social axis. Every year, numerous local and foreign visitors visit this location to snap photographs, therefore supporting the growth of social and cultural life.

Ulus Monument and Square

The Ulus Monument was built on İsmet İnönü Street, where the railway station connects, on March 9, 2019. This monument, which represents the Turkish nation's fundamental ideals and the battle for freedom, serves as a gathering place for people. The Atatürk statue by Iranian Sculptor Afşin Esfandyari is located at the summit of the Ulus Monument and is very important to Turkey. In the center of the monument is a relief showing the War of Independence, one of Turkey's emblems after the Republic, which operates in the domains of education, research, and technology. Where the monument meets the earth, there are sculptures of Turkish elders. Because of these characteristics, Ulus Monument, a very rich work, is a candidate to be one of Eskişehir's emblematic monuments. This important location among the sights to see in Eskişehir should undoubtedly be included in your itinerary.

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