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People who buy Helsinki flight tickets can travel to the city, which is famous for its nature and remarkable architectural structures. Helsinki is the capital of Finland and hosts a population of nearly 650 thousand. Standing out as the most populous city in Finland, Helsinki has become one of the popular destinations for tourists, especially for watching the Northern Lights.

Information About Helsinki, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who buy Helsinki flight tickets can visit the city, which is located in Northern Europe and has a surface area of 215.12 square kilometers. Since Helsinki is the capital of Finland, Finnish is designated as its official language. Located in the south of Finland, this city is home to 315 islands. Helsinki is called the city of islands because there are so many islands in the city. This city, which is among the largest metropolises in Scandinavia, has managed to be among the frequent destinations of tourists throughout the year.

People who buy Helsinki flight tickets will encounter a cold and temperate climate when they reach the city. The average temperature of the city is called 5 degrees and the vegetation seen in the city is tundra. Since Helsinki is a very cold city in winter, it is recommended that January and February are not preferred to visit the city. January and February are the coldest months in the city and -5 degrees is the average temperature of the city. Waiting until April to visit the city will allow for more enjoyable trips as the air temperatures increase. Starting from April, the temperature in Helsinki reaches 20 degrees. People who want to visit the city can do their trip between September and March if they want to see the northern lights. Since Helsinki is home to many historical and natural beauties, people who want to visit the city should have a minimum time period of one week.

People who purchase a Helsinki flight ticket will have the chance to see many historical and natural beauties if they reach the city. This city, known as the daughter of the Baltic, hosts many architectural structures, especially from Russian culture. The first place that people who will visit Helsinki should see is the magnificent building called Kauppatori. This magnificent structure includes the town hall and the presidential palace. This square, which is also politically important, is frequently visited by both locals and foreign tourists. The square is very lively at all hours of the day and it is possible to encounter many people taking photos. People who visit this square can also visit many restaurants where they can taste the flavors of Finnish cuisine.

People who set out to see Helsink should definitely visit the church called Tuomiokirkko in the city. It is known that the construction of this church was completed in 1852 and it attracts attention because it is among the largest Orthodox churches. In addition to attracting attention from a religious perspective, the neoclassical style used in the church has also enabled people with architectural interests to visit the church more. There are 12 apostle statues in the church and there are many cultural activities around the church where you can enjoy your time. People who visit the church, examine its architecture and take impressive photographs can also participate in the cultural events held around the church. People who participate in cultural events have the chance to meet local people and have more detailed information about Finnish culture.

The Finnish National Gallery is among the important buildings that visitors to Helsinki should see. This gallery is known as the art institution of Finland and many works are exhibited in the museums within the gallery. The Finnish National Gallery is located in the Ateneum Art Museum in the city of Helsinki. This art museum is located in the center of the city and it is possible to access classical works of art in this museum. People who visit this art museum can examine the sculptures from different periods in the museum. In addition, paintings that emerged as a result of different movements are also included in the museum. The museum, which was completed in 1887, manages to attract visitors in terms of architecture.

People who visit Helsinki should definitely taste the local flavors in the city. When Helsinki is mentioned, seafood made from seafood comes to mind. Since the city is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, it is at a point where fresh fish can be easily accessed. For this reason, people visiting Helsinki are recommended to eat dishes prepared with fresh fish and seafood. People who want to taste a different flavor during their visit to Helsinki can taste the dish called Poro, made from reindeer meat. People visiting the city can choose hotels in the city if they want to stay. Since the city's nightlife is quite lively, stay in hotels. People staying here are located closer to this lively nightlife.

How to Get to the Airport?

Helsinki Vantaa Airport is the airport that people who want to reach the city should visit. This airport is located 15 kilometers from the city center and can be visited by many public transportation means. Buses can be preferred to travel between Helsinki Vantaa Airport and the city center. People who do not have a bus ticket can also buy a bus ticket from the driver if they get on the bus. To reach the airport from the city center by bus, a journey of approximately 20 minutes is sufficient. In addition to buses, trains can also be used to reach the airport from the city center. People who like to travel by train can reach the airport if they take a half-hour journey. To buy train tickets, you can buy tickets at an affordable price from the vending machines at the station and thus board the trains.

Transportation to Helsinki

People who arrive in Helsinki can also benefit from the benefits of urban transportation. Since the city welcomes tourists at all times of the year, it hosts many public transportation networks. People who arrive in Helsinki can choose trains, buses and metro if they want to travel within the city. In addition, since it is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea and hosts many islands, you can also travel by ferry within the city.

People who want to reach Helsinki can travel to the city with direct flights from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport. People who want to reach Helsinki from different cities of Turkey can visit the city with a connection at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

Airlines with Flights to Helsinki

• Pegasus Airlines

• Lufthansa


• Air Baltic

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How Many Hours Does It Take to Reach Helsinki from Turkey?

It is possible to reach Helsinki in approximately 4 hours with flights from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

What to Eat During a Visit to Helsinki?

The sautéed dish called Poro is among the local delicacies that can be tasted during a trip to Helsinki. This dish is made from reindeer meat and served sautéed. People who taste this dish, which is among the local flavors of the city, can also eat dishes prepared from fresh fish. The sausage called Makkara is another local delicacy that should be tasted during your visit to Helsinki.

Is the Nightlife Lively in Helsinki?

Helsinki nightlife is quite lively. Home to many cafes and bars, this city is one of the cities that never sleeps. Both locals and tourists can easily visit many venues in the city when they want to listen to live music.

What Currency is Used in Helsinki?

The official currency used in Helsinki is the Euro.

What Languages Are Spoken in Helsinki?

The official language spoken in the city is Finnish. In addition to Finnish, it is possible to easily navigate the city by speaking English.

When to Go to Helsinki?

Since Helsinki is a very cold city, it may not be suitable for visiting at some times of the year. It is recommended that people who are not particularly good with the cold should not visit the city during the winter months. Especially January and February are the coldest months in the city, and people who will visit the city during this period are recommended to carry plenty of thermal clothing. The best time to visit Helsinki is June and July.

Can You Watch the Northern Lights in Helsinki?

People who visit Helsinki between September and March can watch the northern lights.

What Festivals Are Held in the City?

Many festivals are held in Helsinki at different times of the year. A coffee festival is held in the city in April, while a samba festival and beer festival are held in June. Additionally, the international film festival and the international fashion fair in September are among the festivals that can be seen in the city.

Are There Direct Flights to Helsinki from Turkey?

There are direct flights from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Helsinki.

What can be bought as souvenirs from Helsinki?

You can visit local shops in the city to buy souvenirs from Helsinki. People who visit these local shops can buy affordable products from luxury brands. 

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